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The Emmys Should Nominate Forty Best Actresses

Marks Blankenship and Peikert discuss their hopes for this year's awards. 2014.05.28

Two And A Half Men, One Of Whom Is Really Good-Looking

When was the last time you stopped to think about how handsome Ashton Kutcher is? Sorry, that isn't recent enough. 2013.12.17

The Mom Pilot: A Story In Screenshots

A walk through the first episode of Mom, in a series of photos that tell you why you shouldn't watch it. 2013.09.24S01.E01

Amber Tamblyn Is Leaving Two And A Half Men

A press release from the probably inevitable future. 2013.08.09

Let's Go Streaking!

When does the Emmy voters' love of a winning streak go from rewarding the work to just being lazy? If you ask them, never! 2013.07.18

Who Will Our Comedy Lead Emmy Nominees Be?

Mark Blankenship and Joe Reid make educated predictions. 2013.07.17

Emmy Nominations Time Machine

A look at the forgotten gems (and turds) of yesteryear's Emmy noms. 2013.07.16

Two And A Half Yen

Did you know that the sitcom Two And A Half Men also airs in Japan where it is called Out Couple!? Well, it does, and this is what it looks like. 2013.06.24

Looking Ahead To The Two And A Half Men Cast Lineups Of The Future

If a woman counts as a half man, probably anything goes. 2013.05.30


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