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How Will A Move To CMT Alter Season 5 Of Nashville?

Don't worry. Producers have the season allllllllll planned out. 2016.06.08

Every Single General Lee Jump From The Dukes Of Hazzard Takes Half An Hour

Including a couple of times the car jumped over the Dukes themselves. 2016.01.14

Watch The Credits For Saccharine-com I'm A Big Girl Now!

Sarah D. Bunting's parents let her watch almost no TV when she was a kid. This Danny Thomas/Martin Short glurge was on the list for some reason. 2016.01.06

Duke Dynasty

Dukes Of Hazzard marathon this Sunday -- yeeee-haw! 2014.01.24

When Dudes Cry: A Hall Of Fame/Shame

James Van Der Beek may be TV's most famous terrible male crier, but he's hardly the only one. 2013.12.20

Female Trouble

Assessing the first season of Mistresses. 2013.09.10S01.E13

The America We Want To Live In: A TV History

A decade-by-decade look at the visions of America we've put on TV, and why we wanted "to go to there." 2013.07.03

Sorry, Wrong Number

The late Mr. Malloy has a few things he'd like to get off his chest. His, and Alyssa Milano's. 2013.06.04S01.E01

More Like The Huh's And The 'Dude, NOT's

We have questions. For example: why? 2013.05.29S01.E01


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