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Yes, Veronica Mars, There IS A Santa Claus

And he brought us a twisty escape-the-room mystery, hilarious holiday undies, and a legit cliffhanger in the Visual Aids for S01.E10! 2017.08.11S01.E10

Is The Bachelorette's Ian Thomson The Most Embarrassing TV Princetonian Ever?

In the solar system of cringeworthy Tigers, someone's got to be Uranus. Sarah D. Bunting '94 made a list. 2015.06.22

Hemlock Groan

Based on Alex's expert opinion -- he's pretty sure he watched Season 1 -- here are some predictions for Hemlock Grove's second season. 2014.07.11

Gestate Your Purpose

As expected, Jeff and Lora agree that the unholy final trimester of Rosemary's Baby fails to deliver. 2014.05.16S01.E02


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