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It's More Like 'Rule Snitannia' In The Season 2 Premiere Of The Crown

We rejoin the Windsors with everyone in a rotten mood -- and, strangely, Philip's billowing exercise pants are not the cause. 2017.12.08S02.E01

The Queen Puts Duty Before Family As The The Crown's First Season Closes

Elizabeth has to make some tough calls in the tense season finale. 2016.11.11S01.E10

Elizabeth's Rocky Marriage Gets Even More Tense In The Penultimate Episode Of The Crown

In 'Assassins,' the return of Elizabeth's old friend puts even more strain on her troubled marriage. 2016.11.10S01.E09

Ask The Crown's Royal Spare About 'Pride & Joy'

Let's take a peek at Princess Margaret's unpublished, ahead-of-her-time correspondence. 2016.11.10S01.E08

People Begin To Learn Their Places On The Crown

And for Churchill that means a comically small chair. 2016.11.09S01.E07

'Smoke And Mirrors' Tests The Weight Of The Crown

Elizabeth feels the full weight of her duty in S01.E05. Also Philip finally does something right. 2016.11.09S01.E05

I Am The Death Smog Of London On The Crown

It's not all my fault, I swear! 2016.11.08S01.E04

This Unmerry Wife Of 'Windsor' Is The Least Interesting Thing About The Crown

Sarah D. Bunting ranks the E03 players from most to least Googleable. 2016.11.07S01.E03

Elizabeth And Philip's Crazy Safari Adventure Gets Shut Down For A Very Sad Reason On The Crown

Since Philip doesn't seem to understand cultural boundaries, maybe it's for the best. 2016.11.04S01.E02

Should You Kneel Before The Crown?

If you like portraits of royals behind the scenes, mid-century fashions, and posh British accents, then this series is probably for you. 2016.11.03S01.E01

From The Desk Of Warren Littlefield: The Must See TV Crossovers That Could Have Been

Airlifting a character from one TV show into another was a common practice for Must See TV shows. But the network could have done more -- and would have, had anyone followed through on this beautiful fever dream. 2016.07.08

Watch A Trailer For Netflix's Queen Elizabeth II Series, The Crown

There's a new QE2. Say HELLEEEEEEEEEEW! 2016.01.06

Let's All Give This Episode of Awkward. The Side-Eye

Mostly because they chose not to make it an homage to seminal CBS Christian drama Touched By An Angel. 2014.04.30S04.E03

How I '50s-Sitcommed Barney's Mother

How Mother-y was Barney's psychotic effort to get his biological parents back together? 2013.11.19S09.E10

The Many (Idiotic) Loves Of Joseph Quinn

We have a few ideas for extending Quinn's reign as Dexter's dumbest dater. 2013.07.08S08.E02


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