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Emerald City Clicks Its Heels Together Three Times

There's no place like home as the weird Wizard of Oz mash-up reaches the end of its rainbow. 2017.03.03S01.E10

Emerald City Is Broken-Hearted, Blue Since The Day They Parted -- Ozmamma Mia!

Events come to a head, as everyone follows the Yellow Brick Road to the finale. 2017.02.24S01.E09

We Could Say The Latest Twist On Emerald City Makes Sense, But We'd Be Lion

Adam Grosswirth also really hopes all those witches are under warranty. 2017.02.17S01.E08

Emerald City Shakes Off The Rust

The show still hasn't given us a Cowardly Lion -- but Glinda's a cougar! 2017.02.10S01.E07

Is Emerald City A Good Witch Or A Bad Witch?

...or just a severely emotionally damaged witch? 2017.01.27S01.E05

Emerald City Has An Axe To Grind About Science vs. Magic

Slaughter and metaphors and whores, oh my! 2017.01.20S01.E04

Emerald City Raises A Storm Of Questions

The Oz reimagining finds its groove, but does it make any sense? 2017.01.13S01.E03

Should You Follow The Yellow Brick Road To Emerald City?

Does the new fantasy show have brains and heart, or will watching it take courage? 2017.01.05S01.E01

Nip/Tuck's Biggest Problem Was Its Two Big Dicks

Alex finally finishes his Marathon Diary and finds Christian and Sean to be the biggest schlongs of all. 2015.03.24

Nip/Tuck Season 6 Is Back To Being Unspeakably Awful, But It's Okay Because Mario Lopez Is Wearing Lingerie

The finish line to Alex's Marathon Diary is in sight, but there are a whole bunch of garbage people trying to hold him back. 2015.03.17

Not Even A Knife-Wielding Sharon Gless Can Save Nip/Tuck From Itself

Ryan Murphy dares viewers to keep watching his garbage show. 2015.02.23

Ryan Murphy Goes Full Abed

Alex reaches Nip/Tuck's uber-meta fifth season and is considering taking a scalpel to his eyes. 2015.02.17

Rosie O'Donnell Loses Her Ear As Nip/Tuck Loses Its Mind

And other such silliness, such as Christian getting upset that 6,000 people have downloaded his porn tape off YouTube. 2015.02.10

Two And A Half Pricks

We finally learn the identity of the Carver(s) but not why Ryan Murphy is so intent on wanting us to care about these troubled white dudes. 2015.02.03

Nip/Tuck Gets Super-Upsetting With Joan Rivers, A Gorilla, And A 600-lb. Woman

All of that, plus enough offensive storylines about trans women to make Alex want to lie down for a few days. 2015.01.20

It's A Wonderful Life (Unless You're Julia)

In Season 2, Sean's still a punk, but Julia's the one who has to spend an episode in purgatory with Famke Janssen. 2015.01.06

Fifteen Episodes Into Nip/Tuck And Christian Is Dealing With Mischievously Pregnant Jessalyn Gilsig Version 1.0

Also: Sean and Julia are too busy arguing over their crappy marriage to notice that their son is smoking drugs and running over Christian Scientists. 2014.12.23

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