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Westworld Goes Groundhog Day

Get some Delos family values on repeat in our latest EPIC OLD-SCHOOL RECAP! 2018.05.13S02.E04

Westworld Is Bound For Glory (Literally)

Dolores shoots a bunch of guys and goes on at least two field trips. Get all the gory details in our latest EPIC OLD-SCHOOL RECAP! 2018.04.29S02.E02

There Aren't Many Mysteries Left On Westworld Now

A crackerjack season finale fundamentally changes the show. 2016.12.05S01.E10

If The Gunslinger Can't Be Hurt, Then Westworld Needs To Get Rid Of Him

Mark Blankenship is not a crackpot; it just makes good dramatic sense. 2016.11.21S01.E08

Westworld Forces Us To Ask, 'How Naked Is Too Naked?'

Maybe when the bits and bobs distract from the story? 2016.10.30S01.E05

Let's Rank Westworld's Power Couples

Who's on top right now -- the bickering co-workers or the robot lovers? 2016.10.16S01.E03

Westworld May Never Explain All Its Rules, And That Would Be Outstanding

On the small Ford moment in S01.E02 that encapsulates what Westworld is doing right. 2016.10.07S01.E02

#FreeLucas: The Fourth Estate Roars Back On House Of Cards

Crusading journalist Lucas Goodwin returns to Frank Underwood's story. He could save the world -- and this show. 2016.03.05S04.E03

Is Our Current Reality Stranger Than House of Cards Fiction?

And other not-quite-burning questions about the Season 4 premiere. 2016.03.04S04.E01

Is Hap And Leonard A Treasure Worth Diving For?

Or will pacing issues sink Sundance's six-episode caper series? 2016.03.02S01.E01

Run, Claire, Run!

Season 3 of House Of Cards ends with one caged bird set free and another buried in the ground. 2015.05.11S03.E13

These Master Debaters Make A Mess All Over The Place

Frank fights fiercely for the state of Iowa but neglects the state of his marriage yet again. 2015.05.04S03.E11

Frank Plays Games Of Love And War But It's Claire Who Loses

Old friends resurface (of both the human and animal variety) and Frank is forced to choose between his loyalties and his future. 2015.04.29S03.E10

Metaphorical Monks Invade The White House

While Frank and Claire try to glue their marriage back together, a cultural exchange brings artsy monks to their front door. 2015.04.13S03.E07

Gay Ol' Moscow

An imprisoned gay rights activist drives a wedge between the American and Russian presidents before jackhammering open the Underwoods' marriage. 2015.04.06S03.E06

A Crisis Of Frank

An episode mostly concerned with table-setting ends with a rather surprising showdown between the President of the United States and Jesus Christ. 2015.03.23S03.E04

Putin On The Ritz

When the Russians come to Washington, they bring their vodka and rude party manners with them. 2015.03.16S03.E03

A Pain In The Doug

The third season of House of Cards finds President Underwood…not doing much. At least not as much as a perpetually troubled compatriot. 2015.03.02S03.E01

'Old Media Guy And New Media Girl: An Analog Romance'

Aaron Sorkin makes two nice, talented actors play out idiotic relationship fights no professionals would ever actually have, and it's not okay. 2014.11.30S03.E04

Neal Gets In The Hot Seat, Discovers That It's Hot

As Neal, Reese, and Sloan all handle uncomfortable meetings, we've got a countdown of the episode's ideas, from best to worst. 2014.11.16S03.E02

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