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Feud: Bette And Joan Finds The Timeless Horror In Hollywood Sexism

Baby Jane is a big success...but you wouldn't know it from the dearth of offers coming Bette and Joan's way. Eric Lillian ranks the episode's players! 2017.03.26S01.E04

Feud: Bette and Joan Has A Mother/Daughter Day

As filming wraps on Baby Jane, Bette's and Joan's parenting goes under the microscope. 2017.03.19S01.E03

Feud: Bette And Joan Proves A United Front Can't Last Long In Old Hollywood

All along, they coulda been friends...if the Hollywood system hadn't conspired to make them hate each other. 2017.03.12S01.E02

'She Wore Men's Pants!': Patsy Cline On American Masters

Is 'When Patsy Cline Was Crazy' worth having sweet dreams about despite its goofy title? 2017.03.03S30.E03

Is Ryan Murphy's Feud Good Enough To Make Sure Ya Are In That Chair Every Week?

Bette Davis and Joan Crawford's legendary rivalry gets a shot at immortality for the Peak TV generation. 2017.03.03S01.E01

American Horror Story: Asylum Faces The Magicians In The Battle Of The Mental Hospital Musical Interludes

Reigning champion 'The Name Game' from AHS: Asylum takes on newcomer 'Shake It Off' as performed by a psychologically damaged magician. 2016.02.09S01.E04

Phone In The Clowns

The Freak Show finale accomplishes the impressive feat of being the most arbitrary, frustrating conclusion to a season of American Horror Story yet. 2015.01.22S04.E13

Show-Stopper (No, Really, Please Stop Her)

The penultimate episode of Freak Show finds several characters meeting untimely ends and the deed to Elsa's Cabinet of Curiosities switches hands yet again. 2015.01.15S04.E12


Neil Patrick Harris and an AHS vet make their debut as Freak Show's new owner and his special friend. 2015.01.08S04.E11

The Ballad Of Pepper That No One Asked For

An episode chock-full of flashbacks and flashforwards reveals the origin and ultimate fate of everyone's favorite pinhead (of the two we know). 2014.12.18S04.E10

Ima Do Ima Wiggles

Jimmy continues channeling his drunken mess of a father, but at least he has one particularly zaftig woman to bury his sorrow (among other things) in. 2014.12.11S04.E09

A Bloody Good Time

'Bloodbath' delivers on its promise in more ways than one, as Freak Show ditches two of its biggest stars. 2014.12.04S04.E08

The Rotten Apple Doesn't Fall Far From The Tree

Jimmy and Dell bond over how dumb they are in a stinker of an episode. 2014.11.20S04.E07

All Hands On Paul

Paul the illustrated seal gets lucky twice and extremely unlucky once when Elsa drags the Wheel O' Death out of storage. 2014.11.13S04.E06

American Psycho Story

Dandy strips down, goes to a gay bar, and meets Matt Bomer. It's a gay dream turned nightmare. 2014.11.06S04.E05

Halloween, Part 2: The Search For Twisty's Soul

A flashback-heavy episode reveals how Elsa lost her legs and how Twisty became…whatever he is. 2014.10.30S04.E04

Halloween, Part 1: The Misadventures Of Drunky McPubeface

Ethel receives some bad news, and Patti LaBelle's star is further diminished. 2014.10.23S04.E03

'Heaven Help Me For The Way I Am'

Elsa makes several terrible business decisions, while Bette and Dot (mostly Dot) give a 'Criminal' performance. 2014.10.15S04.E02

Come For The Freaks, Stay For The Freaky Bad Accents

American Horror Story's fourth season has pube faces, evil murder clowns, and a Jessica Lange performance that somehow tops 'The Name Game.' 2014.10.08S04.E01

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