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Hairspray Live! Proves Timeless For NBC

The big, bold, and beautiful musical is the network's best live venture to date, complete with big hair, topical relevancy, and lots and lots of glitter. 2016.12.08

Ariana Grande Will Play Penny In NBC's Hairspray Live!

They better be working on her blonde wig already. 2016.07.07

The Final American Idol Is...

Don't worry, you won't have to sit through, or even read about, all the montages to find out. 2016.04.08S15.E24

Smash Finally Wins Pin The Leading Lady On The Musical

The latest run of episodes in the Smash rewatch finds Karen and Ivy each headlining the right musical (and lots of ex-Rent stars telling off lots of Bombshell boobs). 2015.07.02

Smash Celebrates The Voices Of A New Generation

It's fun, but it's not perfect: rewatchers Adam and Tara decide whether to let the broken pieces go. 2015.06.25

Broadway, Here We Come!

It's a tune you can hum. And will, for days. Sorry. 2015.06.18

Crazy Things Happen On Billboard Night

Let's all giggle-swoon along to Harry's cover of "Teenage Dream." 2015.04.09S14.E24

Which Fading Pop Stars Should Appear on Empire Next Season?

Apparently, they're all asking for parts. Here's which ones should make the cut. 2015.03.19

If You Didn't Vote, You Can't Complain (About The Voice)

The Voice crowns its seventh victor; Stephanie delivers her last rankings of the season. 2014.12.17S07.E27

Don't Stop Now! More Live Musicals!

Five more musicals that deserve the live-TV treatment despite The Sound Of Music Live!'s mixed outcome. 2013.12.06


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