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RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars Is A Total 'Bitchelor'

A Bachelor-themed improv challenge, a glorious runway, and a timeless lip sync create an all-time classic episode. 2018.02.10S03.E03

RuPaul's Drag Race Is More Sickening By 6 AM Than We Are By Noon

Between bouts of anxiety, the ladies create morning shows! 2017.04.14S09.E04

UnREAL Teaches Hot Rachel A Tough Lesson About Reality Show Dinners

Not as tough as the one Coleman's about to learn about trying to turn Rachel against Quinn. But tough! 2016.08.02S02.E09

After 'Fugitive,' Who Is UnREAL's Biggest Scumbag?

Rachel reluctantly tells Coleman her life's biggest secret, but does his next move put him at the bottom of the episode's moral rankings? 2016.07.26S02.E08

Does UnREAL's Rachel Know Why She's Still At Everlasting?

And more questions about 'Ambush,' an even more troubling episode than usual. 2016.07.19S02.E07

UnREAL Teaches Chet A Tough Lesson About Peddling Toxic Masculinity

And the few viewers who might have still had any doubts about Jeremy's crappiness watch him literally piss them away. 2016.07.05S02.E05

As Everlasting Gets Physical With A (Disastrous) Obstacle Course, Let's Rank The Villains Of UnREAL

Coleman gets his first close-up look at how Everlasting is made, but where does he land in the dirtbag rankings? 2016.06.20S02.E03

UnREAL Teaches Rachel A Tough Lesson About End-Runs

Finding herself between two warring showrunners causes Rachel to make a big move, and face big consequences. 2016.06.13S02.E02

Will Rachel And Quinn Break Their Cycle Of Abuse In UnREAL's Second Season?

And more not-quite-burning questions sparked by the Season 2 premiere! 2016.06.06S02.E01

UnREAL Shows Why It Might Be Okay To Let A Damaged Person Do Damage Control

In the aftermath of a crisis, Rachel learns that her very particular set of skills can come in handy, whether she feels good about that or not. 2015.07.13S01.E07

Is UnREAL Still UnREAL If Adam And Rachel Are More Decent Than Not?

And more not-quite-burning questions about the latest episode. 2015.06.29S01.E05


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