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Pros And Khans In The Latest The Night Of

Legal process, detective work, accurate boozing, the politics of courtroom fashion, and more awesome moments from 'Samson And Delilah.' 2016.08.14S01.E06

The Night Of Remembers It's A Procedural, Not A Tone Poem

Or it's both, but 'The Season Of The Witch' improves the proportions. 2016.08.07S01.E05

Should You Take The Case Of The Night Of?

Another European remake, true, but its sterling production pedigree might put it over. 2016.06.24S01.E01

SVU Gives New Meaning To The Term 'Internal Affairs'

And not in a good way. A sex-ring bust goes awry, then really awry as SVU's investigation implicating the church and 1PP sets Liv's entire life on fire. 2016.03.03S17.E17

Private (Law) Practice

Taye Diggs comes to The Good Wife to help Diane transition out of the firm she built and also to wear suits with contrasting vests. 2014.09.29S06.E02

Nothing Tests A Friendship Like Trumped-Up Drug Charges

Alicia has kind of a weird few days when Finn prosecutes Cary for moving heroin. (No, not up his butt.) 2014.09.22S06.E01

Black Box Is Quite Possibly The Most Thoroughly Awful Pilot Ever Made

Sarah, one of the few survivors of Commando Nanny, does not make this assertion lightly. 2014.04.24S01.E01

Ryan's Hope

The Following admits that Emma's the worst. Sarah and the Poe Head victoriously discuss that, a recent heel turn, and other positive indicators. 2014.02.04S02.E03

In Which The Poe Head Coins The Word 'Stabgasm'

And helps Sarah analyze why The Following is better in its second season. (So far.) 2014.01.28S02.E02

The Improving?

The Following returns -- and just might have fixed a few of its myriad problems? Sarah and the Poe Head discuss. 2014.01.19S02.E01


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