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The Walking Dead Gives Rick His Turn At Bat

Rick finally gets a piece of Negan, but it's far from a satisfying conclusion. 2018.03.23S08.E12

How Much Of A Jazz President Is Frank Underwood On House Of Cards?

And other musical questions from 'Chapter 64'! 2017.06.06S05.E12

The Impeachment Drum Is Banging On House Of Cards

And (almost) everyone's swapping dance partners in S05.E11; Jordan Veilleux ranks the pairs! 2017.06.06S05.E11

Has House Of Cards Shown Us Everything In Its Bag Of Tricks?

Or will an election and some new characters spice up this slow season? 2017.06.01S05.E04

The Good Wife Gives Alicia A New Opportunity To Earn That Nickname

Connor Fox's case against Peter proceeds faster than anyone would like, while a 'C-list Edward Snowden' gets detained in -- gulp -- Canada!!! 2016.04.18S07.E19

After A Comeback Season, Did House Of Cards Lower The Ante At The End?

The way Season 4 finishes makes Sarah D. Bunting wonder if the show knows its own strengths. 2016.03.11S04.E13

With Chapter 49, House Of Cards Finally Overplays Its Hand

Which is more terrifying: a Trump presidency, or the direction the country will probably be headed after the events of S04.E10? 2016.03.09S04.E10

House Of Cards Heads To The Convention Floor

But who will emerge from this episode the clear winner? 2016.03.09S04.E09

In Chapter 45, House Of Cards Goes Organic

A medical issue arises, and we get an exclusive from a key figure. 2016.03.07S04.E06

How Much Of A Nightmare Monster Must Claire Have Been As A Teenager?

And more not-quite-burning questions about S04.E05. 2016.03.07S04.E05

Zoo Be Zoo Be Zoo!

The Zoo Croo survived their plane crash, but what exactly did they accomplish after that? Anything? And other questions. 2015.09.16S01.E13

Ain't No Cure For The Summertime Zoo!

Can the Zoo Croo go to a place to find a thing, then make a thing and save the world? Let's call it a strong maybe! 2015.09.09S01.E11

Hurricane Faith Comes For Hurricane Francis

Who thought that draining FEMA of its emergency funds during La Niña season would have repercussions? Literally everyone but Frank. 2015.04.20S03.E08

Metaphorical Monks Invade The White House

While Frank and Claire try to glue their marriage back together, a cultural exchange brings artsy monks to their front door. 2015.04.13S03.E07

A Crisis Of Frank

An episode mostly concerned with table-setting ends with a rather surprising showdown between the President of the United States and Jesus Christ. 2015.03.23S03.E04

Putin On The Ritz

When the Russians come to Washington, they bring their vodka and rude party manners with them. 2015.03.16S03.E03

A Pain In The Doug

The third season of House of Cards finds President Underwood…not doing much. At least not as much as a perpetually troubled compatriot. 2015.03.02S03.E01

The Woman Who Had Her Rye Bread Stolen By Jerry Seinfeld, The Principal From Porky's, And Other Olds Take A Wonder Drug

And other more accurate episode loglines for the all-over-the-place second season of The X-Files. 2014.07.03


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