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Reinstalling Tyra Banks As The Host Of America's Next Top Model Is A Big Mistake

Sarah D. Bunting isn't a crackpot. Tyra's a legend. But nobody believes that more strongly than Tyra, and the 23rd season worked better without her. 2017.03.17

America's Next Top Model Crowns The First Winner Of The New Era

Cycle 23's finale becomes a proxy battle between Kylie and Kendall Jenner. And there's a third model there, too. 2017.03.09S23.E14

America's Next Top Model Ends With A Whimper And A Very Bangable Winner

This might not have been Tyra's finest cycle, but nothing can erase her crazy legacy. Alex Zeidel looks back on the season, and the series as a whole. 2015.12.05S22.E16

You're Still In The Running Towards Reading Lunch And A Show

RIP ANTM, Empire's hilarious horrors, Liv side-eye, and more! 2015.10.15

Does Testosterone Finally Prevail On Top Model?

With three of the four finalists rocking a Y-chromosome, is the female stranglehold over Tyra's affections at an end? 2014.12.06S21.E15

Jesus Wept

And Jourdan got knocked down a peg (her ex-husband's fault, no doubt). What to watch and what to skip in the latest ANTM. 2013.09.23S20.E08

The Smize That Binds

Is the co-ed cycle the comeback America's Next Top Model is looking for? 2013.08.02


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