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Watch Stephen Colbert And Jason Sudeikis Recap The NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament In The Song 'One Average Moment'

'The ball is tipped. / It goes out of bounds. / You sat on the bench. / But you made cheering sounds!' 2017.04.04

Should You Let Detroiters Motor Into Your TV Schedule?

Comedy Central's new sitcom takes us to a struggling ad agency in the Motor City. Will you be driven to watch? 2017.02.06S01.E01

Son Of Zorn's Grafelnik Faces Seinfeld's Festivus In The Battle Of The Vengeful Holidays

If you don't celebrate any religious winter holidays, you have alternatives. Which of the ones that originated in sitcoms is superior? 2016.12.12S01.E09

See The Best of Kristin Wiig's Pre-Thanksgiving Hosting From Saturday Night Live

Less pointed Trump humor, more jokes about gravy boats and killing time at Target. 2016.11.20S42.E07

This Is Jon Hamm's Secret Strategy To Cameo On Every TV Show By The End Of 2018

The world's most handsome actor has a plan to take over TV in the most efficient manner possible and we're so on board. 2016.09.25

Should You Adopt Son Of Zorn?

A He-Manesque hero changes his life to try to work on fatherhood in Fox's new semi-animated sitcom. Should you join him? 2016.09.09S01.E01

The Highlights From Fred Armisen's SNL Hosting Debut

If you liked him as a cast member, you'll like the job he does hosting as well. 2016.05.22S41.E21

Watch The Most Notable Moments From Russell Crowe's Saturday Night Live Hosting Début

What's most notable of all might be how little he was in it? 2016.04.10S41.E17

Stop Trying To Make Betty White Re-Happen

It's enough already, Saturday Night Live (cc contemporary comedy in general). 2015.02.16

A Pink Rinse On Portlandia Helps Rehabilitate Olivia Wilde

And Hollywood Game Night helped, too. 2014.03.06S04.E02

Miming 'Milkshake' Gets Real Porny Real Fast

And other highlights and lowlights from the latest Hollywood Game Night! 2014.02.28S02.E07

Live, From A Couple Of Couches...

Two-thirds of the celebrities on the latest Hollywood Game Night are SNL alumni -- but are any of them good at party games? 2013.07.26S01.E03

BREAKING: Jason Sudeikis Is Leaving Saturday Night Live!

Hot scoop in a sneak peek at tonight's Letterman. 2013.07.24

Kenny Powers Vs. Communism

The best American heroes wear curly mullets and spout profane poetry. 2013.07.03S03.E03

What Will Happen When Kristen Wiig Hosts?

We wish there would be one last "Two A-Holes," but we have to be realistic. 2013.05.10S38.E20

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