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The Veronica Mars Visual Aids Feature All-Around Righteous Dudes

The Echollses are...not among them as Veronica investigates election-rigging and the show investigates Logan's home life. 2017.07.14S01.E06

In Season 2, Control And Conservatism Enter The West Wing

Season 2 starts off dark and broody, with everyone in search of distractions. Plus, turkeys and a touch of feminism. 2016.08.30

Hollywood Game Night Fails To Rehabilitate Jason Biggs

As the wholesome party moves to its insane new time slot, a gross celebrity fails to charm. 2016.03.14S04.E09

Hollywood Game Night Gets A Bad Case Of The Moms

Helpless game play slowly afflicts both couches. Not even the proven non-idiots are immune! 2016.02.24S04.E08

Hollywood Game Night Plays In The Key Of D (-Listers)

'Stars' from the world of music come out to 'shine.' Jane sings again. 2016.02.17S04.E07

Hollywood Game Night Becomes Hollywood Sports Night

Athletes and sports broadcasters try their hands at party games. Some of them don't try that hard. 2016.02.03S04.E05

Hollywood Game Night Pits Charmers Against Screamers

We thought you might like this serene shot of mentally stable players, because they're kind of eclipsed in the episode by one extremely aggressive nut. 2016.01.27S04.E04

Hollywood Game Night Lets Miranda Cosgrove Show Off Her Impression Of A Bump On A Log

The former iCarly is currently iDozy in an episode full of annoyances. 2016.01.20S04.E03

Hollywood Game Night Could Have Left Pollak Back At The Taxi Stand

Some new players, one new game, and an old hack. 2016.01.13S04.E02

Should Angel From Hell Have Stayed There?

Should you watch Jane Lynch's new vehicle about a guardian angel and her charge now, or wait for a cold day in...you know? 2016.01.07S01.E01

If You Like Pained Grimaces, You'll Love Helen Hunt's Hollywood Game Night Début!

Think she looks barely tolerant in this posed photograph? Well, Helen Hunt's response to potential fun is, apparently, indistinguishable from her response to a waking colonoscopy. 2016.01.06S04.E01

Lorelai Forces Luke To Stage A Fashion Show At His Lunch Counter In Front Of All His Customers, Who Lose Their Appetites Over Lorelai Adjusting Luke's Fit In Public

And other things you might have missed while blinded with a potent mixture of love and hate as you watch the first season of Gilmore Girls for the millionth time. 2015.08.28

Paul Scheer Bats 1000 In His Hollywood Game Night Debut

The sketch comic's improv talents drive a fun if...somewhat lopsided episode. 2015.08.26S03.E08

Dreamy Davids Descend On Hollywood Game Night

David Walton, David Giuntoli, and non-David Scott Wolf fill up the eye candy bowls (sorry) in an especially fun episode. 2015.08.19S03.E07

Justin Long Goes The Distance On Hollywood Game Night

Long stands out as the best player on a strong team that loses points with this commentator after Kevin Smith...well, you'll see. 2015.08.12S03.E06

Hollywood Game Night Tries Again To Make Us Care About Children's Drawings

It's okay, Gina Rodriguez. The kid who thinks that's Benedict Cumberbatch needs to visit an optometrist like yesterday. 2015.08.05S03.E05

Hollywood Game Night Pits O'Leary Against O'Donnell And...Oh, Brother

Pictured: Kevin O'Leary failing after thinking 'I'm in the...?' is any kind of clue. 2015.07.29S03.E04

Hollywood Game Night Throws Another Battle Of The Sexes

And Cheryl Hines teaches your commentator to be more tolerant of moms. 2015.07.22S03.E03

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