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Watch The Late Late Show's Response To The Travel Ban

Warning: may cause you to get grilled cheese for lunch. 2017.01.31

Preview James Corden Helping Billy On The Street Lead A Curbside Conga Line

'It doesn't have to be good, it just has to autoplay on Facebook!!!' 2017.01.10S05.E08

Watch Mariah Carey Headline A Star-Studded Christmas Carpool Karaoke

Some Christmas songs are such bangers that one pop star is not enough. 2016.12.16

Watch Bruno Mars Do Carpool Karaoke On The Late Late Show

Including a reprise of his childhood Evlis impression! 2016.12.14

Watch A Teaser For Bruno Mars's Trip To The Late Late Show's Carpool Karaoke

It really must have taken restraint not to use 'Uptown Funk' here, right? 2016.12.13

Watch Benedict Cumberbatch Read The Tale Of The 2016 Election On The Late Late Show

Seems like it's pitched to be appropriate for kids. Maybe isn't? 2016.11.08

Watch James Corden Perform A Choreographed Dance With Joel McHale On The Late Late Show

With a first dance like this, Julianne Hough's big day might just be the wedding of the century. 2016.11.03

Watch James Corden And Niall Horan Perform A Halloween Jam On The Late Late Show

If you're a big fan of Ginuwine, it might sound a little familiar. 2016.10.28

Watch Lady Gaga Dominate Carpool Karaoke On The Late Late Show

James Corden finally learns the background behind 'Rah Rah Ra-Ah-Ah' and 'Ga Ga Ooh La La'. 2016.10.26

Watch Cher Put A 2016 Spin On One Of Her Biggest Hits On The Late Late Show

If you hate millennials, this'll make you cry a few sad tears. 2016.10.21

Watch James Corden Experience Real America On The Late Late Show

Nothing says 'Welcome to America!' like milking your first goat. 2016.10.19

Watch James Corden Audition For Bridget Jones on The Late Late Show

Renee Zellweger is there to try and guide him in the proper direction. 2016.09.22

Watch Jesse Tyler Ferguson And Alan Cumming Help Out With The Late Late Show With James Corden's Inappropriate Musicals

For some strange reason, a singing Heisenberg just seems way less intimidating! 2016.09.21

Watch James Corden Try To Reclaim His Billboard On The Late Late Show

Kevin James has about a billion, so it's only fair for Corden to have at least one. 2016.09.20

Watch Jimmy Kimmel Play 'Spill Your Guts Or Fill Your Guts' With James Corden On The Late Late Show

What better way to celebrate the meeting of two late night hosts than with chicken feet and a fish smoothie? 2016.09.16S02.E68

Watch As Both The Late Show With Stephen Colbert And The Late Late Show With James Corden Try To #SaveNelly

If we all work together, Nelly will be able to afford to pay off his debt, and buy all of the facial Band-Aids he'll ever need. 2016.09.15

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