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American Horror Story Tries To Go Viral

A trio of My Roanoke Nightmare bloggers try to up their cred by visiting Hell House in person, because no one told them what happens to bloggers in Ryan Murphy shows. 2016.11.10S06.E09

Is Quantico Really A Beauty School?

Pondering the mystery of Alex's perfect look and other not-so-burning questions. 2016.03.21S01.E14

Does Quantico Care About Consequences?

Assessing the impact of the third bomb, and other burning questions. 2016.03.14S01.E13

Why Is It Impossible To Keep Anything On Quantico Straight?

The midseason return of Alex and Co. leaves us with some not-so-burning questions. 2016.03.06S01.E12

Bombs Away

We don't get answers just because the ABC promo department promises answers on Quantico. 2015.12.14S01.E11

Miranda's Methods Are Messy On Quantico

Simon comes clean and declares himself Not It while boss lady bosses Alex into making a bad decision. 2015.12.07S01.E10

Interrogating Alex

Caleb jumps over to Team Alex, Liam jumps down a bottle, and Booth gets beat up again. 2015.11.30S01.E09

Parental Issues

Everyone has them. Maybe (especially?) even terrorists. 2015.11.16S01.E08

Now We're Getting Somewhere

As the FBI closes in on Alex, we get some answers about 'truth, justice, and all that superman crap.' 2015.11.09S01.E07

Watching Me, Watching You

It's surveillance week, and Booth brought donuts to the stakeout. 2015.11.02S01.E06

Once More, With All The Feelings

Glee ends as it began: kind of a mess, but full of emotionally manipulative potential. 2015.03.21S06.E13


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