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Will Guerrilla Convince You To Join The Revolution?

Or is Showtime's new historical drama about leftist revolutionaries in 1970s England less appealing than a soggy order of fish and chips? 2017.04.14S01.E01

Watch Idris Elba And Jimmy Fallon Play 'Box Of Microphones' On The Tonight Show

Guess who's still a pantydropper when singing like a Chipmunk? 2016.07.20

Pop: The Question

A few casting suggestions for the role of Abbie and Jenny's dad on Sleepy Hollow. 2015.10.23S03.E04

Design Not Quite Within Reach

It's going to take more than a tastefully appointed condo to get you through Season 3 of The Wire in one piece. 2015.02.26

Robert's Rules Of Order

Season 3 of The Wire puts the 'organized' in 'organized crime.' 2015.02.19

Lots Of People Are Happy To Have Gotten Through Season 2

If it takes a ho to catch a ho, does that mean McNulty is Santa? 2015.02.12

Family Matters

Our Marathon Diarist is finally getting into Season 2 of The Wire, but enough with the Frankenweenie, please. 2015.02.05

Who Are You People And Why Should We Care?

As Season 2 of The Wire abruptly shifts gears, your Marathon Diarist struggles with her fear of change. 2015.01.29

Sometimes Things Just Gotta Play Hard

The body count skyrockets as your Marathon Diarist hurtles through the second half of The Wire's first season. 2015.01.22

Bad Decisions Never Looked So Good

Omar is the cheese and your Marathon Diarist is the macaroni. 2015.01.15

The Many Turtlenecks Of D'Angelo Barksdale

Your Marathon Diarist settles in for the first two of what promises to be many 'field interviews' with The Wire. 2015.01.08

Luther Gets A Series 4 Order From The BBC

So: the real one is coming back. 2014.11.20

The Bridge Is Proving You Can Be Too Psychopathic To Work Effectively In Organized Crime

Tara's not a crackpot. She just thinks Eleanor Nacht is a cautionary example of 'too crazy to be in a cartel's enforcement wing.' 2014.07.23S02.E03

Return The Inspector Lynley Mysteries To Active Duty

The one-time Masterpiece staple is just the thing for lazy vacay viewing. 2014.05.22

Who's Having A Revelation on Luther?

This is your revcap for the Series 3 finale. 2013.09.09S03.E04

Who's Having A Bad Day on Luther?

It's your badcap for S3E3. 2013.09.06S03.E03

Who's Happy With Whom on Luther?

Your S3E2 happycap. 2013.09.05S03.E02

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