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On American Gods, Kristin Chenoweth Goes Insane (In The Best Way)

If you mess with Easter, you're not coming back three days later. 2017.06.18S01.E08

Suddenly, The Writing On American Gods Stinks Like Laura's Undead Face

After several excellent episodes, things take a downward turn in 'A Murder Of Gods.' 2017.06.04S01.E06

American Gods Is More Like He-Man Than You'd Think

But who DOESN'T want Crispin Glover to play a modern-day Skeletor? 2017.05.28S01.E05

American Gods Delivers One Of The Hottest Gay Sex Scenes In TV History

It's sexy because it's full of feelings (and nudity). 2017.05.14S01.E03

Gillian Anderson Taunts Us On American Gods, As She Should

Let's hope that, as Media, she calls us out for the suckers we are. 2017.05.07S01.E02

Will American Gods Answer Your Prayers?

Bryan Fuller has turned a Neil Gaiman novel into a Starz TV show. For some people, this may sound like religion itself. 2017.04.28S01.E01

Alas, Spock Did Not Play Marco Polo In Marco Polo

But he did play a man from a faraway land, while wearing a helmet with a built-in mullet. 2016.10.12

Aaron Sorkin Flexes His Theatrical Chops And Goes Meta (And Mental) In Season 3 Of The West Wing

We arrive at a period when The West Wing was full of drama, both on-screen and on the Television Without Pity forums. 2016.09.20

Battle Of The Deadwood Saloons

'No law at all in Deadwood.' But there were plenty of bars! 2016.08.18

Somebody's FINALLY Sending A Message By Raven On Game Of Thrones

But it's the reappearance of a presumed dead man that really shakes up this week's rankings. 2016.06.06S06.E07

Game Of Thrones Wants YOU!

Whether you're a little girl, a grandmother, a giant, or a dog (!), it's time to stand up and serve. 2016.06.06S06.E07

Ranking The Relationship Moments Of Doctor Thorne's Second Episode, From Platonic Pals To A Putrid Proposal

While some characters we've already met show us whether we should care about them or not, one new dude rides into town to gross everyone out -- especially the lady he thinks should marry him. 2016.05.23S01.E02

Should You Fill A Prescription For Doctor Thorne?

Julian Fellowes's first post-Downton series is...another period tale about rich people passing down property. Is it (doctor's) appointment TV? 2016.05.19S01.E01

Watch A Trailer For Julian Fellowes's New Amazon Series, Doctor Thorne

More Englishpeople! More real estate debts! More Downton-iness! 2016.05.04

Is Kings Worthy Of A Restoration?

Catching up with the mostly-buried first season of a show that was greenlit a few years too soon. 2015.03.31

EHG Mini: Deadwood Exports

As all the actors from Deadwood end up on Sons of Anarchy and Justified, we figure out who's next and what sort of role they will play. 2013.09.23


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