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Can The Top Chef Chefs Cook Better Than Edna?

The chefs pay tribute to revered Southern chef Edna Lewis, and get a blessing from the Surgeon General. 2017.01.06S14.E06

Top Chef Gets Trashy

You've heard of the seven deadly sins? Meet the seven deadly trash fish. Can the chefs find Jim-dandy ways to serve up the garbage of the sea? 2016.12.23S14.E04

Where's The Beef?

Seriously. What if you threw a party called a Beefsteak and no one made beef? 2016.01.29S13.E08

The Finale…Finally

Can you believe this is the last episode of Top Chef this season? Because we can't. 2015.02.12S12.E15

Quit Ridin' My Jacques

The final five on Top Chef have a college flashback before paying tribute to Julia Child. 2015.01.08S12.E10

Pretty Hard To Conceal A Musket

When the chefs of Top Chef: Boston go to war, everyone wins. Well, except one chef, who goes home. 2014.11.13S12.E05

Take Meat Out To The Ball Game

Top Chef: Boston draws its inspiration from the food at Fenway Park. 2014.10.30S12.E03

Adam And Uneven

A Garden Of Eden challenge pits the two female Top Chef winners against each other. 2014.09.25S01.E08

Aloha, New Orleans

The whole gang reunites to say farewell to the season, but is it worth the trip? 2014.02.06S11.E17

No Prize For Second Besht

From gross bugs, petty rivalries, and all the Hawkman you could ask for, there's plenty to see in this week's Top Chef. 2014.01.02S11.E12

Top Chef Goes Whole Hog

Can Doctor John, one of the least coherent guest judges in history, make this episode worth the watch? Come find out! 2013.11.21S11.E08

Dana Cowin Is A Whipped-Cream Whore

The drama and weirdness start to flare on Top Chef, but how much is worth watching? 2013.10.17S11.E03

Is Top Chef Masters Worth Ordering Again?

A format change was the fly in this commentator's soup, but maybe the spin-off has gotten tastier. 2013.07.25S05.E01


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