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Westworld Explores Family Values

As with any theme park, Westworld is a great place for parents and children to bicker, fight, and cut out each other's hearts. Our EPIC OLD-SCHOOL RECAP of 'Phase Space' is there for every bitter remark! 2018.05.31S02.E06

Westworld Reduces, Reuses, And Recycles

Our EPIC OLD-SCHOOL RECAP of Westworld's fifth episode of the season hits a new level of blood and gore, so make sure to keep your Delos-branded barf bag handy! 2018.05.20S02.E05

Michael Moriarty Needs To Return To Series TV

Sarah is not a crackpot. Moriarty…maybe is, but that's okay, we still love him. 2014.04.08

Happy Valentine's Day

For one inglorious season fifty years ago, it was a "holiday" and a show. 2014.02.14

Let's Hear It For The Girl

Who's first and who's worst in the Revenge Evil Plan-dex? 2014.01.13S03.E12


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