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Feud: Bette And Joan Hushes Up Sweet Charlotte

Joan's feeling aggressed on the set of the new movie, so she comes down with a case of the blue flu. Hope she doesn't overplay her hand! 2017.04.16S01.E07

Should You Aim Your DVR At Shots Fired?

Fox attempts to tackle America's police shooting problem, with mixed results. 2017.03.21S01.E01

Did Must See TV Spawn Today's Lady Antiheroines?

Liz Ball is not a crackpot; she just thinks the complex ladies of today's TV would be nothing without Elaine & Co. 2016.07.08

From The Desk Of Warren Littlefield: The Must See TV Crossovers That Could Have Been

Airlifting a character from one TV show into another was a common practice for Must See TV shows. But the network could have done more -- and would have, had anyone followed through on this beautiful fever dream. 2016.07.08

Helen Hunt Is Just One Awesome Thing About Quarterback Princess

Her dress and her onscreen boyf are two others. But wait, there's more! 2016.05.18

Helen Hunt Jumped Out A Window In An Anti-Drug Film

Y'all already knew that happened...but did you know Diana 'Mommie Dearest' SCARWID's in this joint? 2016.01.11

If You Like Pained Grimaces, You'll Love Helen Hunt's Hollywood Game Night Début!

Think she looks barely tolerant in this posed photograph? Well, Helen Hunt's response to potential fun is, apparently, indistinguishable from her response to a waking colonoscopy. 2016.01.06S04.E01

Get Smart

Captivated: The Trials Of Pamela Smart suggests that a case tried in the media is something less than To Die For. 2014.08.18

And That's A Wrap On The Cutest Married Couple In America

Not before some real ACK-TING from its newly minted Oscar winner, though! 2013.10.14

The Cutest Married Couple In America Have A Baby Now! A BABY!

That's what most episodes are about now, so...hope you like babies. 2013.10.09

The Cutest Married Couple In America Is Starting To Get A Little Bit Less Cute

She doesn't quite fully hate him yet, but you can tell she's starting to. 2013.09.20

The Cutest Not-So-Newly-Newlyweds In America Stay Married For A Second Year

Returning to college, fighting over a shrink's book, Cyndi Lauper, John Astin, and more! 2013.09.13S02.E25

Mad About You Season 1: Meet The Cutest Newlyweds In America!*

*Manhattan-dwelling interfaith improbably wealthy edition. 2013.09.09S01.E22

Let's Go Streaking!

When does the Emmy voters' love of a winning streak go from rewarding the work to just being lazy? If you ask them, never! 2013.07.18


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