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Justin Time

A winner is declared, after some of the weirdest and crappiest judging in the show's history. Should you watch? 2013.10.18S12.E14

Fashion: Weak

Poorly made mini-collections walk the runway, and Project Runway's finalists are decided. Should you watch? 2013.10.11S12.E13

Helen Of Oy

The competition nears its Fashion Week apex, and everyone cries a lot. What to watch and what to skip in last night's Project Runway. 2013.10.04S12.E12

What’s ASL For 'Your Dress Is Janky'?

Designers make their own prints, and a former villain is redeemed. Let us tell you how much of it you can skip. 2013.09.27S12.E11

Fans With A Plan

The real-person challenge is back, but the drama's between Alexander and Ken. Should you watch? 2013.09.20S12.E10


The judges send the bottom three back to the workroom for a face-off, and a favorite gets the boot. What to watch (or give the Ken super-stink-eye). 2013.09.13S12.E09

Make It Work Out

Last night's Project Runway activewear challenge focuses on the wrong things, while Kors and Garcia have an unfunny-off. Should you bother? 2013.09.06S12.E08

Getting The Boot(s)

What to watch and skip in last night's shoes-based Project Runway. 2013.08.30S12.E07

EHG Mini: Important TV Germans

Sehr gut, ja! Wunderbar! 2013.08.28

Helping Hands

Considering TV's ASL interpreters. 2013.08.27

Sign Wave

A weirdly outdoorsy and boring start; an emotional and frustrating finish. Should you watch the latest Project Runway? 2013.08.23S12.E06

Come-To-Jesus Moment

Phil becomes a be-weaver (sorry) (not sorry), and Ice-Cream Mike's fandom coins a phrase. Spoiler: you should definitely watch. 2013.08.19S20.E03

Something's Rotten In Moscow

Was last night's Project Runway so weird and rushed because Russian Freddie Mercury was supposed to rejoin the show -- and didn't? 2013.08.16S12.E05

War Chest

Aggro Ken combined with a bizarre win on a bad bodice adds up to a stressful watching experience. Should you bother? 2013.08.16S12.E05

Another One Bites The Dust

Project Marriage Proposals And Meltdowns, more like. Should you bother watching? (Spoiler: nyet.) 2013.08.09S12.E04

Coney Island Babies

The Project Runway Watch/Skip Index guides you through unicorn taxonomy, seaweed bums, and more. 2013.08.02S12.E03


Streamline your Runway experience with our Watch/Skip Index for Episode 2. 2013.07.26S12.E02

What To Watch (Or Skip) In The Project Runway Season Premiere

Fun format changes! Snippy past contestants! Neck tats! (...Timothy.) Lots going on -- is any of it good? 2013.07.19S12.E01

Can America's Got Talent Charm More Than A Snake?

Giving the novelty-act showcase a spin. 2013.06.05S08.E01

But With A Whimper

Another season limps to a close. Is there any hope for the once-proud Project Runway franchise? 2013.04.26S11.E14

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