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The Married At First Sight Couples Make Their Final Decisions...For The Second Week In A Row!

The final two couples decide whether to stay or go. Whose Decision Day is the most traumatic? 2016.03.01S03.E14

Thanks A Latke, Marriage Experts!

The Married At First Sight couples 'make memories' together by eating, drinking, and bickering (...so much bickering). Who fared the best and worst this week? 2016.01.27S03.E09

Bitterly Divorced At First Sight

Married At First Sight: Six Months Later reunites the world's three most poorly matched couples for some good old-fashioned bickering! Should you bother watching? 2015.06.17S02.E14

'I'm Still Glad I Married A Stranger...Because I've Learned A Lot About Myself'

The Married At First Sight couples finally decide whether to break up or stay 'married'! We're ranking them from least to most terrible, one last time. 2015.06.10S02.E13

'What The Hell Is The Point Of Any Of This?'

The Married At First Sight couples waste their last week of 'marriage' exchanging gifts and blowing their wedding money. We're ranking them from least to most offensive. 2015.06.03S02.E12

Should You Make A Legally Binding Lifetime Commitment To Married At First Sight?

Do you, Previously.TV reader, take this 'social experiment' to be your off-season reality time-waster? 2014.07.09S01.E01


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