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Once Upon A Time Takes Us Back To The Early Days Of Storybrooke

Let's hope it doesn't put you into a coma! 2017.04.17S06.E17

Once Upon A Time Reveals The Season's True Big Bad

It's not Hamilton jokes or bad child actors, but both are right up there. 2017.04.10S06.E16

Once Upon A Time Grumbles Over Grendel

If you thought Rumplestiltskin's backstory was a well that had run dry...you were right! But that won't stop Once Upon A Time from going back there anyway. Now with the poem that tortured you in high school! 2017.03.20S06.E13

Once Upon A Time Tries To Escape Its Fate

The show course-corrects as it returns from hiatus. But is it enough? 2017.03.05S06.E11

Once Upon A Time Wishes Logic Into The Cornfield

Genie, I served with Anyanka. I knew Anyanka. Anyanka was a friend of mine. Genie, you're no Anyanka. 2016.12.05S06.E10

Once Upon A Time Belabors The Point

Belle and Rumple's birth plan really isn't going well. 2016.11.27S06.E09

Once Upon A Time Wakes From Its Sleeping Curse

The new season of the fairy tale mash-up hints at more fantasy characters than ever, plus at least two scenery-chewing villains, and some familiar names with new faces. You might want to take notes. 2016.09.26S06.E01

International Incidents

World War Three might be starting after all, thanks to a couple of Jack's personal enemies. 2014.07.01S09.E10

Drone If You Want To

Jack neutralizes one terrorist threat, but as so often happens, the day isn't over yet. 2014.06.24S09.E09

Permanent Time-Out

Margot tries a parenting technique you won't find in any of the books. We hope. 2014.06.10S09.E07

The Wrath Of Rask

Heller trusts Jack enough to give him a shot, but Kate trusts him enough to give herself a shot. 2014.06.03S09.E06


Everyone is finally convinced that the drone threat is real, but is it too late? 2014.05.26S09.E05

MC At The Embassy

Jack manages to get himself into the U.S. Embassy in London, but getting out is going to be a lot tougher. 2014.05.20S09.E04