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Emotion Is Taking Me Over

The celebrities identify their most memorable year, and create a dance to honor it, which leads to copious tears from the couples, the judges, and the audience. 2015.10.06S21.E06

Movin' On Up

The couples dance to classic television theme songs, which works well in some cases (Downton Abbey) but not so well in others (Breaking Bad?). 2015.09.29S21.E05

Professional Backstory

We finally get to learn more about the professional dancers, and their stories are way more interesting than most of the celebrities' stories. 2015.09.23S21.E04

Take Me Home

The couples dedicate a routine to the celebrities' home towns, and one couple gets to actually visit their home, like, permanently after the first elimination. 2015.09.22S21.E03

Backstreet's Back, All Right!

An initially uninspiring group of celebrities turns out to yield surprisingly good results (in most cases). 2015.09.15S21.E01

Gary Busey's Latest Endorsement Offers A Lot For Our Editors To Sink Their Normal-Sized Teeth Into

Sarah and Tara 'FIND GARY BUSEY' a divisive character in his ad for Amazon Fire TV. 2014.05.21


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