Tag: garrett m. brown

Masters Of Sex Gets Some Parental Guidance

Tessa invites Virginia's parents for a surprise visit in the hopes of busting Virginia and Bill, while Bill is forced to pay some attention to his son. 2015.08.09S03.E05

Masters Of Sex Shows The Repercussions Of Publishing A Book Called Human Sexual Response

Solicitations from fragrance people! Your child's schoolmates calling you 'Sex Mom'! Death threats! Scholarship is fun. 2015.07.26S03.E03

Flashbacks And Meetings

To avoid scandal (ha!), Cyrus and Michael need to get married, like immediately. 2015.03.27S04.E17

The Tracy Pollan One Where Benson Bones Cassidy And Then Blows Him Off

And other, more accurate episode summaries from SVU's first season. 2014.05.06


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