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Cookie's Stuck In Empire Memories

Which one of our Lyons (and their associates) is taking control of the here and now? 2017.03.30S03.E11

Could Empire CEO Lucious Lyon Be The Actual Devil?

And other hot-as-Hades questions from Empire's midseason premiere. 2017.03.22S03.E10

Empire's Nudes Take 'Hack' To A New Level

Who knew that there were so many computer geniuses in the Lyons' social circle? 2016.11.16S03.E06

Empire Starts Drawing Some Battle Lines

As Cookie continues to deny Lucious her affections, his desperation grows and grows. 2016.09.28S03.E02

Watch A Trailer For Season 4 Of Drunk History

Schreiber! Bilson! CHARLES!!! 2016.08.17

It's Not That Nice A Day For An Empire Wedding

On this show, there's always further to fall. 2016.05.19S02.E18

On Empire, Nothing Says Danger Like A Baby Mat

And other small details that make 'The Lyon Who Cried Wolf' certifiably insane. 2016.05.05S02.E16

Empire Gets A Real Name Policy

Meddling family members cut our (anti-)heroes down to humiliating size. 2016.05.05S02.E16

Empire Gets Bogged Down In ASAs

How many press conferences, cocktail parties, and events does one awards show need? 2016.04.28S02.E15

Empire's Shareholders Drop The Mic

Lucious will do anything to get Hakeem out of the c-suite. 2016.04.21S02.E14

Empire Lets Cookie Have A Happy Birthday

But only for a little bit. 2016.04.13S02.E13

Empire Gets So Shakespearean, You'd Think Terrence Howard Wore Doublets

But who's the Bardest of them all? 2016.04.06S02.E12

Empire Lards The Bard

Empire REALLY wants you to describe this episode as 'Shakespearean.' 2016.04.06S02.E12

Everyone On Empire Drafts A Personal Mission Statement

But who's the most likely to stick to it? 2016.03.30S02.E11

Empire Puts The Lyons In The Same Den

Well, most of them, anyway. 2016.03.30S02.E11

American Horror Story: Hotel Adds Another Permanent Resident

Maybe the one you think, though at least the way it happens is kind of surprising! 2016.01.07S05.E11

Whoa! Empire Had Some Believable Relationships This Week!

But which ones were the MOST similar to actual human behavior? 2015.11.04S02.E06

Empire Returns In A Whirl Of Glorious Insanity

Cannibalism? Check. A caged Cookie in a gorilla suit? Check. Double-crosses? Double check. 2015.09.23S02.E01

Should You Try To Make Friends With Difficult People?

Julie Klausner and Billy Eichner live in Manhattan, where they rub everyone the wrong way...except you? 2015.08.04S01.E01

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