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See The Highlights From Casey Affleck's Debut Turn As Saturday Night Live Host

Did the actor's non-presence ruin the Christmas show? Not so much! 2016.12.18S42.E10

Watch A Saturday Night Live Halloween-Themed Supercut Which Features The Best Spooky Sketches

There's no David S. Pumpkins, but there is Drunk Uncle. So, it's definitely worthy. 2016.10.31

Watch A Behind The Scenes Look At The 'Final Transmission' Episode Of Documentary Now!

You want to make sure you're doing everything right when you're parodying 'Stop Making Sense'. 2016.10.13S02.E05

Watch A Preview For The Next Episode Of Documentary Now!

This week, they parody 'Stop Making Sense', with a little help from Maya Rudolph. 2016.10.11S02.E05

Watch A Clip From Season 7 Of Portlandia

Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein play two white guys who can't catch a break in this world. 2016.10.07

The Highlights From Fred Armisen's SNL Hosting Debut

If you liked him as a cast member, you'll like the job he does hosting as well. 2016.05.22S41.E21

Documentary Now! Makes Comedy Out Of Movies That May Have Really Bummed You Out

And the season finale is a rockumentary! (Uh, now.) 2015.09.24S01.E06

Watch Justin Timberlake Pitch Some New Late Night Themes To Seth Meyers

Everyone's a critic...of songs written for other talk show hosts. 2015.09.22

Ain't No Sunshine

Composer and playwright Elizabeth Swados tackles her depression in a musical short. 2015.07.13

HBO's 7 Days in Hell Knows Its Tennis Ass From Its Tennis Elbow

Andy Samberg and Kit Harington face off in an endless Wimbledon match in a knowing and (mostly) loving sendup of the sport that even two tennis fanatics appreciate. 2015.07.10

The Dance-Offs Of The '90s Are Alive In Portland

Fred and Carrie (and Candace and Toni) return, at last. 2015.01.08S05.E01

What Will Happen When Bill Hader Hosts Saturday Night Live?

Setting the over-under for alumni cameos at 9. 2014.10.10S40.E03

Live From New York Is Back. It's 30% Longer And At Least 20% Better!

Finally, the inside story of Dooneese and "What's Up With That" can be told. In one paragraph apiece, so there's room for nine pages on Stefon. 2014.09.19

At This Point, Does Fred Armisen Even Remember How To Get To Late Night With Seth Meyers?

Tara's not a crackpot. She just doesn't know why Fred Armisen took the job as Late Night's bandleader when he is seriously NEVER THERE. 2014.08.04

Josh Homme Is A Queen Of The Stone Age, But Not Much Of A Queen

The real question is, how Portlandy are he and the rest of the episode's celebrity guest stars? 2014.04.18S04.E08

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