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Empire Makes -- And Breaks -- Some Deals

Empire's winter finale is chock full of surprises, double-crosses, and resolutions. 2016.12.14S03.E09

Can Luke Cage Save The Girl?

And other infuriating, not-quite-burning questions about S01.E11. 2016.10.06S01.E11

Misty Knight Can Do Better Than Luke Cage

Stephanie Cangro is not a crackpot. She just thinks, after S01.E09 of Luke Cage, Misty needs an extended vacation and a move downtown. 2016.10.05S01.E09

Luke Cage Reminds Us Why He's On Top

Power-ranking the players in S01.E05 of Luke Cage. 2016.10.04S01.E05

What's The Best Way To Fight Off A Bunch Of Angry Men If You're Luke Cage?

And more not-quite-burning questions from S01.E03! 2016.10.03S01.E03

We Are The Plate-Glass Windows Of Luke Cage's Harlem, And We're Not Amused

Does it feel just like you're walking on broken glass? There's a reason for that. 2016.09.30S01.E02

'You Still Have To Take The Time To Build The World Effectively'

Sarah D. Bunting and John Ramos on Madoff, finance procedurals, and what a Ruth Gardens spinoff might look like. 2016.02.03

Under The Dome's Resistance Tries To Put Emotions In Motion

Norrie tries out her hypothesis that yelling at people until they can't help getting mad at her will cure Droneitis. If she's right, the crisis should be over real soon. 2015.08.07S03.E08

Under The Dome Gets Locked Up, Not Abroad

Aktaion's best scientists can't crack Christine, so Big Jim gets deputized. Sure, why not. 2015.07.24S03.E06

Would The Dome Want Barbie To Build A Bromance With Pete Only To Tear It Down?

While Barbie and Pete bond over their shared military service and mutual suspicion of Christine, Julia and Big Jim try to get answers from Aktaion. At gunpoint. 2015.07.17S03.E05

How Much For This Busload Of Orphans?

Gordon tries to rescue some abducted kids, the Penguin gets Penguin-ier, and Cat-tween has claws. (Like, really.) 2014.09.30S01.E02


As Ray continues surveilling Mickey and now Mickey trying to entrap Ezra and then Ray and Avi on the trail of Miller...look, whatever, what are the Donovan dog pack rankings this week? 2013.07.29S01.E05

Palm Springs Pack Attack!

Donovans explored some new corners of the Southland this week -- and...do we have a new pack leader? (Spoiler: yes.) 2013.07.22S01.E04

Twerking Breeds

Who's leading the Ray Donovan dog pack in Episode 3? 2013.07.15S01.E03

Robby Krieger, Policy Wonk

Moonlight Graham's thoughts on the American police state. 2013.04.29S11.E15


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