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Blood On The Dance Floor

American Crime Story explores the fear of rejection, the battle between pride and shame, and a Don't Ask Don't Tell comic book (uch) in this Epic Old-School Recap of S02.E05. 2018.02.14S02.E05

One For The Road

American Crime Story heads to Minneapolis for the ends of Jeff Trail's and David Madson's journeys in Sarah D. Bunting's old-school recap of S02.E04. 2018.02.08S02.E04

American Horror Story Meats The Neighbors

While the Polks' captives get tenderized, Dominic and Shelby find new horrors at Hell House. 2016.11.03S06.E08

American Horror Story Cuts Some Cast Members

The events under the Blood Moon get even bloodier, particularly when there's no one around to call 'cut!' 2016.10.27S06.E07

American Horror Story: Hotel Is Under New Management To Serve You Better...Just In Time For The Season To End

While Liz and Iris might have high hopes for five-star ratings on TripAdventurer.com, that's not going to happen if March can't get his ghouls to start being practical and quit killing guests. SALLY. 2016.01.14S05.E12

American Horror Story: Hotel Lets Liz Explore Her Daddy Issues

Alex also deals with all her...uh...'children.' Which families have a shot at a happy holiday vacation? 2015.12.17S05.E10

American Horror Story: Hotel Requests The Honour Of Your Presence At The Marriage Of Countess Elizabeth To Will Drake

You just know they're going to turn up their nose at your gift card from Bed Bath & Beyond, too. 2015.12.10S05.E09

The Countess's 'Parents' Are Home (Or Did They Never Leave American Horror Story: Hotel?)

We're halfway through the AHS season, which means it's time for some brand-new, very important characters, and a story reset. 2015.11.19S05.E07

American Horror Story: Hotel Introduces The Countess's Little Monster

And no, you didn't miss an episode: there are suddenly just a bunch of brand-new couples. And some throuples. And some murders! 2015.11.12S05.E06

American Horror Story: Hotel Knows Liz Taylor Was Born This Way

A flashback shows us how the Countess Elizabeth helped the former Nick find his true self. We should all be so lucky! Meanwhile, Max's mom finds out -- too late -- why maybe she really should have immunized him against measles when she had the chance. 2015.11.05S05.E05

American Horror Story: Hotel Throws A Party People Will Be Talking About For Minutes

Most of the cast forgot to RSVP to March's annual Devil's Night Party. Luckily, every serial killer with a Wikipedia page is in town to fill their seats. 2015.10.29S05.E04

Donovan And Iris Try To Check Out Of American Horror Story: Hotel But They…Well, You Know

Donovan's a snot, Elizabeth Taylor's the best, and Lady Gaga makes out with yet another gay actor. 2015.10.22S05.E03

American Horror Story's Hotel Was Built By A Real Sicko

No, not Ryan Murphy. ...Okay, him too. 2015.10.15S05.E02

TCA 2015/6: FX Is All About Lady Gaga in AHS: Hotel, Making America Fall In Love With You're The Worst, And...Vampires

Denis O'Hare's dressing up as Elizabeth Taylor on an FX show this fall. Guess which! ...No, not The League. 2015.08.08

Phone In The Clowns

The Freak Show finale accomplishes the impressive feat of being the most arbitrary, frustrating conclusion to a season of American Horror Story yet. 2015.01.22S04.E13

Show-Stopper (No, Really, Please Stop Her)

The penultimate episode of Freak Show finds several characters meeting untimely ends and the deed to Elsa's Cabinet of Curiosities switches hands yet again. 2015.01.15S04.E12


Neil Patrick Harris and an AHS vet make their debut as Freak Show's new owner and his special friend. 2015.01.08S04.E11

The Ballad Of Pepper That No One Asked For

An episode chock-full of flashbacks and flashforwards reveals the origin and ultimate fate of everyone's favorite pinhead (of the two we know). 2014.12.18S04.E10

Ima Do Ima Wiggles

Jimmy continues channeling his drunken mess of a father, but at least he has one particularly zaftig woman to bury his sorrow (among other things) in. 2014.12.11S04.E09

A Bloody Good Time

'Bloodbath' delivers on its promise in more ways than one, as Freak Show ditches two of its biggest stars. 2014.12.04S04.E08

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