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Watch A Trailer For Netflix's New Sci-Fi Drama Series, Travelers

Pictured: the face TV critics made when they found out Netflix was dropping another whole series of a new show on December 23. 2016.12.21

Watch Will & Grace (And Karen & Jack) Talk About The 2016 Presidential Election

Clinton is here to help protect gay rights -- but she also wears pants, so Jack isn't totally convinced. 2016.09.27

Will & Grace Faces Friends In The Battle Of The One-Off Lady Loves

It's Will & Grace's clumsy one-night stand Diane versus Rachel's sangria-soaked sorority sister Melissa on Friends! 2016.07.08

The Ultimate Will & Grace Ranking Of Grace Adler's Love Life

Grace dated some great guys and some total tools. It's high time we definitively, scientifically ranked them. 2016.07.05

'Making Fun Of People's Accents And Demanding Helicopters'

A network executive expresses concern over Million Dollar Listing New York's place in the Bravo-verse. 2014.04.03S03.E01

Karen Is A Sensation At Her First West Village Hallowe'en Parade Because Duh

And other new episode blurbs for the first season of Will & Grace. 2014.02.21

Barneys Windows, Blue Marilyns, And Caroling To Hotel Maids: Let's Rank The Will & Grace Christmas Episodes!

And let's pour some out for The Bashful Geisha: that Lladró never saw Grace coming. 2013.12.18

In Praise Of TV's Sore Winners

If sitcoms have taught us anything, it's that being gracious or classy have no place on the field of party game battle. 2013.12.13


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