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Agent Carter Is Awesome

Plans are carried out and threats are dealt with. And then it's time for everyone to say goodbye, which is very sad. 2016.03.02S02.E10

Agent Carter Dances Toward The Finale

Zero Matter appears, then vanishes, just like the alliances on the show. Also there's a great dream sequence. 2016.02.24S02.E08

Agent Carter Pits Villain Against Villain

A flurry of kidnappings and rescues and backstabbings whittles down the roster of bad guys considerably. 2016.02.17S02.E06

Agent Carter Learns To Love The Bomb

The first step in loving something is stealing it from a secure site. Everyone knows that. 2016.02.10S02.E05

Agent Carter Explores Some Origins

If you tell a girl to smile, you're responsible for all the people she kills when she gets superpowers. 2016.02.03S02.E04

Agent Carter's Science Is Tight

It's not magic. It's just science that follows no rules or logic. So it's okay. 2016.01.27S02.E03

Welcome Back, Agent Carter

It's the same cool spy stuff, but this time it's in Los Angeles and there are palm trees. And shotguns! 2016.01.20S02.E01

A Face-Punch For Liberty

The season ends on a traditional note: good guys are exonerated and partially redeemed, while bad guys are captured or at least severely punched. 2015.02.25S01.E08

A Mild Form Of Vindication

Peggy Carter starts the episode under arrest and ends it a free woman. But there were a few too many explosions to call it a completely successful episode for her. 2015.02.18S01.E07

Sophomore Slug

Is the second Agent Carter episode as exciting and full of punches as the first? Or is it soft and mild, like Jarvis? 2015.01.07S01.E02

Showdown. Shootout. Shame What Happens Next.

Evil Eye Patch suffers some unforeseen consequences in a do-over of his prison attack, but at a steep price for Rick's crew. 2013.12.02S04.E08

The Governor Gonna Governor

His reinvention as 'Brian' doesn't last long as The Governor shows his true colors, all of them variations on pitch-black. 2013.11.25S04.E07

Long Island Sexpressway

PI Michael Provo makes time with a bunch of cons' wives. It's an okay scam while it lasts. 2013.01.10S14.E11


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