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Watch Ellen's Average Andy Learn How To Be A Radio City Rockette

Including a special appearance by Andy's Above Average mom! 2016.12.06

Watch Jennifer Aniston Play Sumo Charades With Ellen

Shimmying didn't go quite as well as twerking. 2016.11.30S14.E60

Watch Lauren Graham Test Her Fast-Talking Skills On Ellen

And learn how very highly she apparently values hot chocolate! 2016.11.22

Watch Emma Stone Play The 'Hot Potato' Of Dancing On Ellen

Until everything gets derailed with a sloppy error that, let's face it, is probably Andy's fault. 2016.11.21

Watch Ellen And Heidi Klum Dress Up Like Sia And Maddie Ziegler On The Ellen DeGeneres Show

It'd be no surprise if Abby Lee Miller is partially taking credit for it. 2016.11.01S14.E40

Watch Ellen Shop At CVS With The FLOTUS On The Ellen DeGeneres Show

All of your CVS trips are suddenly going to seem mega-boring by comparison. 2016.09.14

Watch Celine Dion Cover Rap Hits Like A Pro On The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Bet you never thought that Celine would cover 'Hot In Herre' by Nelly. 2016.09.12S14.E05

Watch Larry Wilmore Celebrate The Last Episode Of The Nightly Show

His correspondents might have taken an early vacation, but Jon Stewart steps up in Larry's time of need. 2016.08.19

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