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EHG 161: Settling Down With Playing House

Kim Reed joins us for a look at the new season, plus a Cheers Canon and a Dave-hate double dip! 2017.06.28

It Takes Two

Our Marathon Diarist finds that all it really takes to binge-watch a bunch of episodes in the middle of Season 2 is a burning hatred of two specific characters. 2015.06.19

Learning To Love Willicia

As the show presses pause on the Will/Alicia/Peter love triangle at the opening of the second season, our Marathon Diarist is able to enjoy the intrigue, legal drama, and spectacular guest stars. 2015.06.12

From Claire To Eternity

A roll in the surf, a rapprochement, and the return of the jury in the season's penultimate Broadchurch. 2015.04.15S02.E07

Roger And M(ari)e

Megan and family come to town because of divorce, and there's more on that front than we bargained for. 2015.04.13S07.E09

She's Got L'Eggs! She Knows How To Use Them!

Competition from the famous brand gives Joan a headache in more ways than one. 2015.04.06S07.E08

Plot By The Gross

A table-setter episode of True Detective is viscerally affecting. 2014.02.16S01.E05


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