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The Better Call Saul Premiere Brings A Few Things Into Focus

In the aftermath of three emergencies, everyone in 'Smoke' searches for clarity in our EPIC OLD-SCHOOL RECAP of S04.E01. 2018.08.06S04.E01

How Dynamite Is Lady Dynamite, Maria Bamford's New Sitcom?

If you're already among the comedian's fans, you're going to be very, very pleased by her new show on Netflix. 2016.05.20S01.E01

Better Call Saul Teaches A Tough Lesson About Being Clear-Headed In Business

And Nacho gets to sit in on a master class in ends justifying means. 2016.03.08S02.E04

Is Better Call Saul's Kim A Winning Partner, Or Just Another 'Wet Blanket Wife'?

Jimmy is doing a lot of things he shouldn't. Is it automatically problematic for a feminist viewer if one of the people pointing this out to him is a woman he wants to continue dating? 2016.03.01S02.E03

Better Call Saul Turns Brother Against Brother, Again, Some More

Chuck comes out of confinement, and Jimmy has a little slip. 2016.02.22S02.E02

Valley Of The Guest Stars

There are so many guest stars, they almost outnumber the ridiculous schemes. Almost. 2015.07.01

'70s Fashion Was Scary

Wonder Woman has to deal with fake mustaches, robot dogs, and the biggest lapels on television. 2015.06.24

The Melbourne Housewives Engage In Idle Gossip and Metallurgy

All because of one hot mess of a psychic. 2014.08.09S01.E02

The Supreme Court's Greatest Eyeglasses

Congratulations to the Muhammad Ali's Greatest Fight wardrobe assistant who found all these vintage frames, coming soon (we assume) to the Warby Parker Nixon Administration Collection. 2013.10.16


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