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Does I'm Dying Up Here Stand Up To Peak TV Scrutiny?

If you like damaged psyches, fragile egos, and the '70s, Showtime's dramedy may be worth the two-drink minimum. 2017.06.02S01.E01

Before Hamilton, There Was Liberty! The American Revolution

Which, based on the exclamation point in the title, you might assume was also a musical. It isn't, but: Bosco as Ben Franklin! 2016.10.14

Season 4 Of Damages Was A Diamond Lost In DirecTV's Rough

Our Marathon Diarist enthuses about a season that surprised him by being fantastic. 2016.07.21

The Americans Face The Possibility That They've Been The Victims Of A Sick Burn

When William proves how right he was about certain disease samples getting in the wrong hands (literally), Elizabeth and Philip are forced to consider the nuclear option (not literally). 2016.06.08S04.E13

The Americans Spin Murder For Their Dumb Wiener Kid

When events force Elizabeth to admit to Paige that the downtown vagrant wasn't quite the first person she ever killed, Aderholt starts unraveling the mail robot mystery, and Oleg gets cold feet about both Tatiana and biological warfare. 2016.06.01S04.E12

The Americans Ponder The Day After

A TV movie event -- remember those? -- has everyone in the greater D.C. area pondering how their choices may affect the world. 2016.05.11S04.E09

The Americans Tries To Solve Its Martha Problem

The term 'safe house' has never been more ironic! 2016.04.20S04.E06

The Americans Puts A Quartet Under Quarantine

The Illegals deal with the after-effects of possible Glanders exposure. Across town, Paige tries not to lose her mind with terror and guilt. 2016.04.06S04.E04

Paige Wins The Super Bowl Of Treachery On The Americans

And you know what happens when you win the Super Bowl: you're going to Disney World! Specifically, the brand-new just-opened Epcot Center! Yep, that's the plan! 2016.03.30S04.E03

Philip's Kill List Keeps Getting Longer On The Americans

Even his own wife is loading him up with more potential victims? This 'travel agent' needs to book himself a vacation! 2016.03.23S04.E02

Paige Is A Potential Powder Keg In The Premiere Of The Americans

Philip and Elizabeth are trying to deal with an asset who could get Soviets closer to developing a bioweapon, so Paige's wavering BS is, like, the last thing they need added to their list of hassles. 2016.03.16S04.E01

The Good Wife Offers More Questions Than Answers

Even Alicia looks like she can't figure out what is going on with these storylines as our Marathon Diarist hits the middle of The Good Wife's sixth season. 2015.09.10

Fire, Fighters, And Firefighters In Lunch And A Show

Dylan Baker, baby fight club, and Teresa Giudice. Hungry yet? 2015.09.02

On The Good Wife, Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves, And Sometimes Other People

Marathon Diarist Kim Reed takes note of how the women on the show are faring by the end of the third season. 2015.07.17

Smash Finally Wins Pin The Leading Lady On The Musical

The latest run of episodes in the Smash rewatch finds Karen and Ivy each headlining the right musical (and lots of ex-Rent stars telling off lots of Bombshell boobs). 2015.07.02

Smash Found A Peanut

The rewatch reaches the potentially fatal end of Season 1, and our commentators' emotions are as mixed as smoothie ingredients. 2015.06.11


A combination of eclectic cases and more fully developed characters pulls our Marathon Diarist through the end of The Good Wife's first season. 2015.06.05

Reunited And It Feels So Awkward

Once Peter is reunited with his family at home, our Marathon Diarist sees glimmers of a better show. 2015.05.29

Norma Jean May Be Gone, But We Can't Move On (From Smash)

Fade in on a girl with a passion for fame and a boy who won't stop nitpicking theater business. 2015.05.28

Shame Shame, Your Partners Already Got Rid Of Your Name

As Alicia ponders her next move after election-rigging disgrace, Kalinda ponders how to handle the whole Lemond Bishop situation in a fashion that gets as few people murdered as possible. 2015.04.27S06.E20

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