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More Like No-ey: Reconsidering Entertainment Weekly's 2004 Fall TV Preview

Was Joey one of the worst things about the 2004 Entertainment Weekly fall issue? Oh, most certainly. But it had a lot of company. 2016.09.07

Should You Enter A Shades Of Blue Period?

NBC's J. Liotta take on a police-corruption double-cross is flawed in its inception...but it might still work. 2016.01.07S01.E01

Cal Causes Trouble

With Hydra sidelined and the double agents not doing anything yet, it's up to Skye's father to drum up some drama. Mission accomplished! 2015.03.18S02.E13

The Saw Movies Of Anarchy

Everything you need to know about the torture-heavy, Marilyn Manson-infused two-hour premiere. 2014.09.09S07.E01

Baby, It's You

A tribute to one of Sarah's favorite Paulie Walnuts soundbites. 2014.04.22

What If Sons Of Anarchy Were A LOT More Like Terriers?

'Huang Wu' finds Julian Ambler musing about spinoffs, but how Sons-y is it? 2013.11.13S06.E10

Sons Of Sadness

How much classic Sons Of Anarchy violence was in this mopey episode? 2013.10.30S06.E08

Wet Hot Anarchic Summer

A retreat to a wooded cabin brings the Sons of Anarchy together for a common purpose (lousy Irish), but how Sons-y is this table-setting episode? 2013.10.16S06.E06

Raging Kegger

With the Irish still intent on ruining everything for Jax, and Gemma and Clay subject to some monstrous abuse from prison guards, how Sons-y is the latest episode of Sons of Anarchy? 2013.10.09S06.E05

Look Out, Jackie! He's Irish!

With the Irish putting their money where their guns are and Clay getting the jump on Toric, how Sons-y is the latest episode of Sons of Anarchy? 2013.10.02S06.E04

Nothing's Fine I'm Toric

With the Bad Cop doing bad things to comparatively less-bad people, how Sons-y is the latest episode of Sons of Anarchy? 2013.09.25S06.E03

Supermarket Superstar, Or Lola Glaudini?

Take our very scientific career-aptitude quiz to find out whether you're better suited to acting, or artisanal crab pies. 2013.09.20S01.E09

Pillow Talk

After dispatching the two people who tie SAMCRO to the school shooting, how Sons-y is the latest episode of Sons of Anarchy? 2013.09.18S06.E02


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