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Atlanta And Better Things Each Get Picked Up For A Second Season

Comedy writer/creators for the win! 2016.09.20

Watch Donald Glover Stumble Through 'Kiss From A Rose' With James Corden On The Late Late Show

They might not be in a car, but they can still do karaoke. 2016.09.14S02.E66

Watch The Series Premiere Of Atlanta For Free

Seriously: do this. 2016.09.07S01.E01

Welcome To Atlanta, Where The Players Play

Are you ready to get down with Donald Glover's homage to A-Town? 2016.09.06S01.E01

Watch The Latest Trailer For Atlanta

FX definitely knows how to make captivating promos. 2016.09.01

Watch Donald Glover Talk About Getting Bitten By A Dog While Hiking On The Tonight Show

It's sweet that Glover can laugh getting nipped in the patoot. Probably because the dog in question was named Barry. 2016.08.24S03.E186

Should We, As A Culture, Start Leaving Cancelled Shows Alone?

Haley Chouinard is not a crackpot. She just thinks cancelled shows should stay cancelled. 2016.08.05

Supergirl Proves There's No 'S' In Team

Everyone learns a little something about the value of co-operation. And Kryptonite. 2015.11.02S01.E02

One By One, They All Just Fade Away

Community is back, and it's more Community-y than ever -- not really in a good way. 2015.03.18S06.E01

Goodbye, You Weird Young Rapper

Donald Glover gets a tearful farewell in the form of an episode where everyone pretends the floor is lava. That really happened. 2014.01.24S05.E05

Goodbye, You Weird Old Coot

What would happen if people were forced to tell the truth? If you guessed that heartwarming hijinks would ensue, congratulations! 2014.01.17S05.E04

A Parody Of A Shadow

Community sends up crime procedurals, because that's a fresh, new direction for the show to go in. 2014.01.10S05.E03

Community's Back!

How do you start the fifth season of a show? How about "from scratch"? 2014.01.03S05.E01

Beyond The Candelabra: The People And Events HBO Should Movie-ize Next

Oscar Pistorius, Gloria Steinem, Aaron Spelling, RuPaul, and more subjects for HBO original movies we'd like to see. 2013.05.21

Revisiting Girls, Your Golden Globe Winner For Best Comedy Series

I heard that it got better after the pilot? But I'm not really seeing it. 2013.01.14S02.E01


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