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His Law & Order: SVU Judgment Cometh, And That Right Soon

The warden from The Shawshank Redemption grosses out a cavalcade of guest stars with his Gigante-meets-Hefner Quaalude 'partying' -- and this isn't even the infamous Trumpisode! 2017.01.19S18.E09

On The Wings Of (The City Of) Angels: Your Law & Order: Los Angeles Power Rankings

Whose career was the most blessed after the single-season spin-off? 2017.01.10

We The Jury Find Law & Order: The Unofficial Companion Guilty

...of first-degree hilarious trash-talk and derpy photos of Michael Moriarty playing the piano. CHUNG CHUNG! 2016.09.15

Urgent Questions About Boys, The Boy Band Drama From Dick Wolf And Zayn

Is this thing going to be The Monkees? And if so, then why the hell not? 2016.09.07

With Moffat Taking Off, Who's In Charge?

We shortlist some executive producers to replace Doctor Who's eventually-departing boss Steven Moffat. 2016.01.06

Double Vision: The Law & Order Franchise Farm Team

Where have you seen that Law & Order star before? Probably on a different episode of Law & Order. Lilit Marcus counts down some of the most notable returnees. 2015.12.15

These Are The Ads That Try Mets-Fans' Souls

An incomplete but powerfully felt list of ads Sarah D. Bunting has repeatedly and barely endured during the 2015 baseball season, ranked. 2015.08.27

TCA 2015/6: NBC Has Reborn Heroes, Tattooed Ladies, And Dolly Effin' Parton

Also, Wesley Snipes is paying off his IRS bills one episode of The Player at a time. 2015.08.13

Should You Ride Along With Nightwatch?

Everything you need to know about Dick Wolf's non-fiction Third Watch. 2015.01.22S01.E01

Battle Of The Fin(n)s, Round 2: Tutuola vs. DeTrolio

Will Meadow Soprano's boyfriend hit a blue wall? 2014.05.09

Michael Moriarty Needs To Return To Series TV

Sarah is not a crackpot. Moriarty…maybe is, but that's okay, we still love him. 2014.04.08

Objection! Down The Shore!

Sarah is not a crackpot for thinking it's time to roll the dice on Law & Order: Atlantic City. 2014.02.20

Is Chicago PD Arresting?

The Chicago Fire spinoff's pilot is charged with reckless endangerment of cop-show tropes…but the jury's still out. 2014.01.09S01.E01

Beyond Law & Order: Cold Case

Besides the Dick Wolf name, does Cold Justice have anything to set it apart from all the other true-crime shows? 2013.09.04S01.E01

These Are The Days Of Our Law & Order: SVU

For Careers Week, we consider second acts, namely: Which SVU characters could you most easily transplant into a daytime drama? 2013.08.29

'The First 48: Ocean's SVU'

Figure out whether you'll like Brooklyn DA with our handy checklist! 2013.05.29S01.E01


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