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The Americans Have To Go Home

But before they can get there, will Father Andrei rat them out? Will Stan confirm his suspicions? Will everyone get too squishy about how to deal with Henry? It's all in our series finale EPIC OLD-SCHOOL RECAP! 2018.05.30S06.E10

Talk To Your Kids About...Like, Stuff, Or Whatever

Pastor Groovyhair encourages Paige to ask her parents what their deal is. GREAT IDEA, PADRE. 2015.04.01S03.E10

Which Fading Pop Stars Should Appear on Empire Next Season?

Apparently, they're all asking for parts. Here's which ones should make the cut. 2015.03.19

Is The Empire Already Collapsing?

Judging by the finale, this may be the only good season we're gonna get. 2015.03.19S01.E11

Prisoner Of No Conscience

The pro-Apartheid guys who got kidnapped at the end of the last episode have to answer for their part in oppressing millions of people. Elsewhere, a mail robot has to answer for its part in keeping people from having access to their files. 2015.03.18S03.E08

Give Him A Minute, And Lucious Will Screw You

No wonder this Empire episode is called "Sins of the Father"! 2015.03.12S01.E10

At Long Last, Cookie Incites A War

A brilliant opening scene unleashes hell on the rest of this week's Empire. 2015.03.05S01.E09

Paige May Not Judge est Followers, But God Will! (...And Paige Does.)

A newly baptized Paige shoots daggers at Stan's new est girlfriend, takes down her Rick Springfield poster, and unknowingly gets into the running towards becoming America's Next Top Junior Soviet Spy. 2015.03.04S03.E06

McAvoy: The Americans Is A Spy Drama For A Cynical Age

The NewsNight anchor yearns for a look at the spies that made this country great. 2014.04.06S01.E10

Mr. And Mrs. Erotic American

On The Americans, Clark and Martha prove that you don't need to be a real person to get real sexy. 2013.07.05

'80s-Set Series Casts Actual '80s TV Star

Now that Richard "Three's Company" Kline has appeared on The Americans, we have some suggestions as to who should join him. 2013.04.18S01.E11


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