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Should You Get On The Same Wavelength As Frequency?

Or is the remake of the 2000 ghost-radio flick a quick 10-4? 2016.10.04S01.E01

Dennis Quaid Played A Creeper In '70s TV Horror Movie Are You In The House Alone?

Co-starring Blythe Danner and Cliff Randall from One Day At A Time! 2016.06.28

Mix Some Old Fashioneds For Drunk History

Your favourite inebriated storytellers are back! 2015.09.01S03.E01

Welcome To The French Bore-ter

Is NCIS's New Orleans spinoff worse than jazz? Sarah D. Bunting reports...NAVALLY. 2014.09.23S01.E01

Heisenberg, Please

A tribute to Mike Ehrmantraut's rainbow of "...oy" faces. 2013.08.09

The People's Emmys

How to make the show more inclusive? New categories! 2013.07.17

Area Mom Offers Tepid Endorsement Of Elementary

"He’s a little tattooed, boy." - Mom. 2012.10.11


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