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Paul Sorvino Played Joe Torre In A TV Biopic

Co-starring a series of wretched green screens as themselves! 2016.10.26

Watch Tori Spelling Walk Back Those Comments Implying She Has An Open Marriage Now

I mean, she might, and mazel either way, but based on her interview with E! News last night, it doesn't seem like she does. 2016.03.16

'I Just Wanna Focus On The Pig Right Now'

Tori 'saves' a pig, goes to the hospital, and acts like Dean's mom AND kid in the latest (and maybe last) True Tori. 2014.12.10S02.E08

The Courtney Of Public Opinion

Tori's parenting-control issues ruin a girls' weekend and Tatum O'Neal is kind of a sketchball on the latest True Tori. 2014.12.03S02.E07

House Of Buggin'

Parenting clashes, rogue implants, and squashing the toddlers in truer-than-average True Tori. 2014.11.26S02.E06

Sob Stori

No, this ISN'T Tori reacting with amusement/nausea to Dean's latest shutdown crying jag. Unfortunately. 2014.11.19S02.E05

Teen Angle

As Dean's oldest son plays on his dad's guilt, Tori faces Dean's ex -- and the truth about her marriage. ...Just kidding! She dances around it some more. Zzz. 2014.11.12S02.E04

You Say Po-Tah-To

Tori and Dean clash over microwaved vegetables and working the program. 2014.11.05S02.E03

So Much Junk

Tori's hoarded storage space and Dean's cancelled vasectomy bring up a lot of stuff for everyone. 2014.10.29S02.E02

And Baby Makes Five (Not Counting Dean)?

True Tori returns with new hairstyles, new symptoms, and the same old problems. 2014.10.22S02.E01

Insecure Mommy Seeks Cheating Ass, Second-String Soul Mate

Tori Spelling is sticking with Dean McDermott for now, but doesn’t our Donna deserve better? 2014.10.21

Battle Of The Fin(n)s, Round 3: Tutuola vs. Toddler

Detective Tutuola defends his title against a knee-high nemesis. Can the short stack end his long reign? 2014.06.18

True Tor-emix

Tori Spelling runs the season through the spin cycle; Sarah sifts the "unseen footage" for something real. 2014.06.11S01.E08

Is Chopped Canada A Cut Above The Original?

Sarah follows the trail of Tori/Dean wreckage into the kitchen. 2014.06.06

Reunited, And It Feels Faux Good

The True Tori: Sodium Pentothal episode we were promised fails, unsurprisingly, to materialize. 2014.06.04S01.E07

Goodbye But Not Farewell

Dean heads to Canada (OR DOES HE?!) as True Tori wraps its regular episodes with an inverted bell curve of real and fake. 2014.05.28S01.E06

In Dean No Veritas

Relatively real talk in the midst of deeply fake set-ups. 2014.05.21S01.E05

Battle Of The Beverly Hills, 90210 Books

Jason Priestley's memoir dropped this week, so Sarah pitted it against Jennie Garth's autobio and Shannen Doherty's…whatever that was from 2010. Which tome is worth your time? 2014.05.09

Sleeping Arrangements

Dean's insatiability, Jennie Garth, and other wooden nickels from last night's True Tori. 2014.05.07S01.E03

Sick Of It All

Liam's birthday, Dean's homecoming -- what's the fakest thing in last night's True Tori? 2014.04.30S01.E02

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