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Watch Questlove And David Spade Reenact A Bachelor in Paradise Scene On The Tonight Show

Using actual dialogue from the show, these two prove they're reality TV-worthy. 2016.09.01S03.E192

Watch David Spade Get Smitten Over Rob Lowe In This Roast Of Rob Lowe Promo

It must be noted that Rob Lowe's bedroom is probably the best thing you'll see all week. 2016.08.11

Just Shoot Me's Slow Donnie Makes Us All Yearn For Chicken Pot Pie

There's a chance you might actually try and cook one for yourself, after watching this memorable episode of Just Shoot Me!. 2016.07.06S03.E11

What Will Happen When Chris Rock Hosts Saturday Night Live (this time)?

And given his New Girl guest shot, why isn't Prince doing double duty?! 2014.10.31S40.E05

Catfish Enlists Selita Ebanks To Help Bianca Find Brogan

Why? Literally no reason. Speaking of literally no reason: there's also a David Spade cameo. 2014.07.10S03.E11


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