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Better Call Saul Gives Season 4's Closing Argument

Jimmy performs sincerity in support of his bar reinstatement appeal while Mike runs a Mann hunt in our EPIC OLD-SCHOOL RECAP of Better Call Saul's Season 4 finale, 'Winner.' 2018.10.08S04.E10

Better Call Saul Gets Messages From Beyond The Grave

Jimmy reads Chuck's letter, Gus sends a dispatch via 'crime' 'scene,' and the dead of Breaking Bad live again in our EPIC OLD-SCHOOL RECAP of S04.E03. 2018.08.20S04.E03

In Season 2 Of Damages, Patty Hewes Will Read You For Filth

And our Marathon Diarist loves every tawdry second of it! 2016.07.07

Does Billions Expect Us To Laugh At Rhoades's Bloviating Speeches?

And other not-quite-burning questions sparked by the latest episode. 2016.01.31S01.E03

Pick The Most Offensive Character On Billions

It's not a ten-way tie for first. But it's close. 2016.01.24S01.E02

Many Are Trapped For Hours In Darkness And Confusion

It's time to wind up The Wire's Marathon Diary! 2015.04.09

The Fabulists

Who's a more offensive fake, the red ribbon killer or EJ? 2015.04.02

The Last Couple In America To Watch Breaking Bad Is Almost Caught Up, Like Really Really Close

But we also have lives and responsibilities, which are soooo getting in the way. 2013.09.20

Game Of Aeron Task Chairs

The third season of Suits was invaded by the cast of Game Of Thrones. Fortunately, winter is coming. 2013.09.18S03.E10

The Last Couple In America To Watch Breaking Bad Faces A Terrible Crisis

Will Breaking Bad turn into "breaking up"? Or will things work out fine for them, just like those Mexican Terminator twins? 2013.09.06

How Long Did Low Winter Sun Take To Set?

It's a new record for the Show Shot Clock. Eff you, Frank. 2013.08.12S01.E01

In Which Hank Figures Some Stuff Out

And pretty quickly, too! 2013.08.12S05.E09

Your Humble Servant

In praise of Breaking Bad's Gale. We miss him. 2013.08.09


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