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New Kids On The Block

McKinley High Homecoming brings welcome visitors but mixed results, as Glee 3.0 really begins. 2015.01.09S06.E02

Don't Stop Believin'? Maybe?

Glee goes back to its roots, and it's sort of like coming home. (But not 'Homecoming': that's the next episode.) 2015.01.09S06.E01

Don't Rain On My Parade

Glee's Broadway storyline has Adam missing the subtle, nuanced storytelling of Smash. 2014.05.13S05.E17

Scenes From This Weekend's White House Correspondents' Dinner

A whole bunch of TV types will be in attendance, and we think we know how it'll go when they mingle. 2014.05.01

Sondheim For Nobody

Six By Sondheim, an HBO doc about the musical theatre genius, doesn't know whom it's talking to. 2013.12.10

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