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American Crime Story Is Out Of Time

It's the end of the line for Andrew Cunanan, but for others, a long sad story is just beginning in our Epic Old-School Recap of the season finale. 2018.03.21S02.E09

Jack Of All Trades, Master Of One On American Crime Story

And that one is lying, as 'Creator/Destroyer' paints a portrait of the (bullshit) artist as a young man in our Epic Old-School Recap. 2018.03.14S02.E08

American Crime Story Must Be Talked About, Or It Is Nothing

Andrew Cunanan and Donatella Versace both begin to come into their own -- but only one of them feels entitled, and only one of them is correct -- in this Epic Old-School Recap of S02.E07, 'Ascent.' 2018.03.07S02.E07

Not The One

Andrew Cunanan's manipulations -- and druggy delusions -- start to trip him up as his 'Descent' begins in American Crime Story S02.E06. 2018.02.28S02.E06

Blood On The Dance Floor

American Crime Story explores the fear of rejection, the battle between pride and shame, and a Don't Ask Don't Tell comic book (uch) in this Epic Old-School Recap of S02.E05. 2018.02.14S02.E05

One For The Road

American Crime Story heads to Minneapolis for the ends of Jeff Trail's and David Madson's journeys in Sarah D. Bunting's old-school recap of S02.E04. 2018.02.08S02.E04

You Make It Seem So Real

Sarah D. Bunting's old-school recap would like to avoid 'hamming it up' wordplay here, but as American Crime Story investigates Lee Miglin's demise, it does make some melodramatic choices. 2018.02.01S02.E03

Hairspray Live! Proves Timeless For NBC

The big, bold, and beautiful musical is the network's best live venture to date, complete with big hair, topical relevancy, and lots and lots of glitter. 2016.12.08

Let's Give Jane The Virgin An Assist In The Dating Game!

Jane hates the game, but must she hate the players? We're swiping right on some potential future dates for her. 2016.02.02S02.E10

American Horror Story: Hotel Introduces The Countess's Little Monster

And no, you didn't miss an episode: there are suddenly just a bunch of brand-new couples. And some throuples. And some murders! 2015.11.12S05.E06

American Horror Story: Hotel Knows Liz Taylor Was Born This Way

A flashback shows us how the Countess Elizabeth helped the former Nick find his true self. We should all be so lucky! Meanwhile, Max's mom finds out -- too late -- why maybe she really should have immunized him against measles when she had the chance. 2015.11.05S05.E05

Once More, With All The Feelings

Glee ends as it began: kind of a mess, but full of emotionally manipulative potential. 2015.03.21S06.E13

Listen To Your Heart When He's Calling For You

Adam doesn't know where Glee's going and he doesn't know why, but shut up, you're crying! 2015.03.14S06.E11

The Final Countdown

Did you think Glee would leave us without one last Sue Sylvester meltdown? Think again. 2015.03.07S06.E10

I Don't

Glee makes good on its threats with a wedding episode. We've come this far, we may as well watch it, at least for Gloria Estefan. 2015.02.21S06.E08

No One Can Save Glee, The Damage Is Done

Actually, this was a really good episode! Adam just can't resist a good Bon Jovi lyric joke. 2015.02.14S06.E07

What The World Needs Now Is Not This

The Glee kids take on hip, edgy composer Burt Bacharach, as Rachel faces her fears and Santana and Brittany stand up to intolerance. 2015.02.07S06.E06

It Must Have Been Love, But It's Over Now

Will the New Directions find twelve members in time to compete? Will Kurt and Blaine be forcibly reunited? Will Part 2 of this episode be dumber than Part 1? Tune in and see! ...Or just skip to the singing. 2015.01.30S06.E05

So Sue Me

After being endowed with some depth and development, Sue whips back to arbitrary villainy, in maybe the most nonsensical episode of Glee yet. 2015.01.24S06.E04

Like Rain On Your Wedding Day

The Glee kids mash up Carole King and Alanis Morissette and you you you oughta skip it. 2015.01.17S06.E03

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