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Back In The High Life

An awesome Flash Challenge and a back-tat face-off combine for a Memento-us Best Ink finale. 2014.02.27S03.E11

And Then There Were 3(D)

The final four go head-to-head with photorealism. Crackerjack, or Memento? 2014.02.20S03.E10

Nasty Boys

A shock-art challenge leads Darnell and Willy to a strategic gamble. Crackerjack, or Memento? 2014.02.13S03.E09

With Two You Get Eye-Roll

The Inkers tattoo couples, and Lara is unexpectedly hilare. Crackerjack, or Memento? 2014.02.06S03.E09

Wherefore Art, Romeo?

A nautical-tattoo challenge leaves a couple artists stranded. Crackerjack, or Memento? 2014.01.30S03.E08

Getting It In Gear

Is Best Ink's biomechanical-tattoo episode more Crackerjack or Memento? 2014.01.23S03.E07

Is Best Ink's Sci-Fi Episode Crackerjack Or Memento?

Almost everyone cries, and the term "fantasy" is stretched to its limit. 2014.01.16S03.E06

If Music Be The Food Of Tats

…Fast forward. Rock and roll plus ribcage tattoos adds up to more Crackerjack than Memento. 2014.01.02S03.E04

Best Ink Puts Two Artists On One Tattoo

Who's the Crackerjack and who's the Memento? 2013.12.19S03.E03

Best Ink's Cover-Up Challenge: Crackerjack, Or Memento?

It's May May and Darnell in the lion's den. Should you watch? 2013.12.12S03.E02

On A Scale Of Crackerjack To Memento, How'd The Best Ink Premiere Rate?

Now with bonus Buntsy reality-challenge rant! 2013.12.05S03.E01


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