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A Very Previously.TV Holiday Gift Guide: Books 'Written' By Fictional TV Characters!

Though you'd think fictional characters would have better things to do than write real-world books, Monty Ashley tells you which ones are good. 2016.12.07

Kevin Spacey And Lindsay Crouse Shared An Episode Of The Equalizer

'Music by Stewart Copeland.' So now I guess the '80s are just trolling us. 2016.03.04S02.E17

The Gang Wears Aggressively Offensive Halloween Costumes

If the Sunny gang will not just do blackface twice but double the number of characters doing it, how many taboos will their future Halloween costumes break? 2013.10.31S09.E09

Who Wrote A Better Flowers For Algernon Homage?

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia and The League gave their dumbest characters a brief glimpses of higher IQs -- but which show did a better job? 2013.10.24S09.E08

Should The Sun Shine Once Again On It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia?

After bailing early in Season 8, our commentator tries again, but will it take? 2013.09.05S09.E01


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