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Does Legion Have The Worst Group Therapy Leader Ever?

And other not-quite-burning questions from 'Chapter 5.' 2017.03.09S01.E05

Legion's Syd Takes On The Eye

And the results are unexpected for both sides. 2017.03.01S01.E04

Legion Tells Everyone: You In Danger, Girl

But who's in the most jeopardy this week? 2017.02.22S01.E03

What In The Name Of [Bleeped] Is The Eye About To Do To Legion's Amy?

And other not-quite-burning questions from the show's second chapter. 2017.02.15S01.E02

Will Legion's Fans Be...Legion?

Or is the series doomed? 2017.02.07S01.E01

Should You Partake In Some Tokes -- 'Partoke,' If You Will -- Of High Maintenance?

The popular web comedy is now on actual television boxes on HBO, as well as its streaming platforms. It won't take more than 420 minutes of your time, so is it worth watching? 2016.09.16S01.E01

Carson, Downton Abbey's Downstairs Dad, Wins In The End

After all the years Carson's spent taking care of everyone, Liz Ball is happy this beloved character will be taken care of by Mrs. Hughes (and Julian Fellowes). 2016.01.08S06.E01

'Don Draper's Totally Naked, But In A Classy Way'

Here's how Emmy-worthy dramas can embrace full-frontal male nudity. 2015.03.25

The Many Dicks of Downton

Yes, there are some characters even more dickish than Donk. 2015.03.23

Screw Edith: How's Isis?!

As Rosamund and The Dowager C are forced to bring Cora into the cone of silence regarding Edith's escape, Isobel announces her engagement, Charles solves Mary's romantic issue. But the people problems pale next to the poor, poor pup. 2015.02.15S05.E07

Forget Me Not

What if the letter Matthew wrote to Mary wasn't the only thing he forgot about? 2014.01.06S04.E02

Downton Abbey Asks, When Is A Letter A Will?

Everyone's thrown into turmoil by the discovery of a will-like letter written by Matthew, the world's worst lawyer. 2014.01.05S04.E02

Downton In The Dumps

Catching up with the Crawleys, six months after tragedy. Now they have an electric mixer. 2014.01.05S04.E01

Twelve Imaginary Downton Abbey Drinks More Interesting Than The Actual Downton Abbey Wine

The Downton Abbey wine is out and it's really kind of boring. On the eve of the show's return, Stephanie Lucianovic tells us what she would have done with the libations idea if anyone had thought to ask her thirsty opinion. 2014.01.03

What The Stars Of Downton Abbey Thought Of Their Period Underwear

Hugh Bonneville and Dan Stevens discuss what it was like to find themselves intimately unconstrained. 2012.08.27


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