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Claws Gives Desna Away To Be Gregory's Unlawfully Wedded Wife

A hurricane is the natural disaster joining all the unnatural disasters on Desna's wedding day in our EPIC OLD-SCHOOL RECAP of 'Breezy,' Claws's Season 2 finale. 2018.08.12S02.E10

Claws Plots A Strike Against Zlata

The power struggle between the Dixie Mafia and the Russian Mafia is interrupted by a ghost, a brawl, a proposal, and raining men. We examine 'Vaginalologist' in our latest EPIC OLD-SCHOOL RECAP! 2018.07.08S02.E05

Should You Bet On Better Things?

Louis C.K. collaborates with his former Louie sparring partner Pamela Adlon for a sitcom about the life of a fortysomething working actor/working mom. Is it, in fact, Better than most Things on TV? 2016.09.08S01.E01

Battle Of The Blonde Cons

On the eve of her show's return, will Orange Is The New Black jailbird Piper pull off the V (...hee hee) in a face-off with Justified's Ava? 2014.06.05

The Middle Visits Disney World As Only The Middle Can

The Hecks vs. The Happiest Place On Earth makes for kind of a perfect season finale. 2014.05.22S05.E24

Kendal's Last Stand

As Raylan tries to prove to Wendy that Darryl is Art's real shooter, Boyd fights for his life for roughly the 800th time. 2014.04.08S05.E13

Sharing Darryl As An Enemy Makes Boyd And Raylan Friends

Or friendly, anyway. And not for long. 2014.04.01S05.E12

When Detroit Tries To Light Him Up, Boyd Hatches A Plan

As insurance policies go, a hidden half-shipment of heroin is not bad. Meanwhile, Raylan has to deal with a violent attack on one of the few people left that he actually cares about. 2014.03.25S05.E11

Where In The World Is Dewey Crowe? Also, All The Heroin?

While Darryl and Boyd strategize about their 'situation,' Kendal goes on the run. (Raylan gets involved in all of it, of course.) 2014.03.18S05.E10

Justified Welcomes The King Of The Deadbeat Dads

While Kyle Bornheimer acts against type as a worthless scumbag, Boyd works on getting his cargo over the Mexican border. 2014.03.04S05.E08

Raylan Learns That If You Cross Art, You're Gonna Get Walk-Ins

While Raylan learns the hard way what phone phreaking is, some Crowders go south of the border, and another finds solace through worship/drug trafficking. 2014.02.25S05.E07


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